Web Giants

Keeping Internet Companies Online

Network Challenges for Web Giants 
For Web-based companies, the network is more than a way to conduct business; it is their business. Today’s online leaders gained their success by delivering fast, always-on user experiences in new arenas such as social media, eCommerce, software-as-a-service (SaaS), Internet search, and other cloud-based services. Keeping ahead of the game demands a highly available, secure, and unstoppable network.

  • Availability is imperative; downtime drives customers to competing companies.
  • Application acceleration defines competitive advantage.
  • Security breaches can spell disaster, through the loss of immediate revenue

Further challenges come with the territory, too. These companies must deal with the explosive growth of network traffic coming from mobile devices and the onslaught of big data. Web giants must build out their infrastructures ahead of revenue to meet the coming demand, straining tight budgets.

A10 Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) Solutions for Web Giants
A10 Thunder ADCs deliver a host of features to address the unique challenges of Web giants. Some capabilities particularly relevant to online companies include:

A10 Threat Protection Systems (TPS) for Web Giants 
A10's dedicated DDoS mitigation solution, Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS), provides efficient, ultra-high-performance, network-wide protection against DDoS attacks. Thunder TPS enables service availability against a variety of volumetric, protocol, resource and application attacks. TPS offers methods of threat detection and mitigation that range from client validation to protocol-specific analysis, using specialized Security Policy Engine (SPE) hardware to scale against divergent attack mechanisms that threaten your network.

Protect your network—and your business—with A10 Networks 
The A10 Thunder ADC and TPS solutions meet the toughest challenges facing Web-based businesses, ensuring availability, scalability, acceleration and security—with a form factor and features optimized for the unique needs of Web giants.

Learn more about how the A10 Thunder ADC and TPS solutions can make your Web business stronger and more secure.