To be competitive in today's retail climate, companies need a successful e-commerce platform. This includes providing highly available customer services, making extensive use of video and multimedia advertisements, and transmitting corporate messaging across multiple branches to develop a global brand.

To build and retain client trust and expand corporate reach, it is necessary to provide secure payment systems for processing online transactions and have mechanisms for safely transferring confidential company data across many locations. Facilitating this level of scaling, security, and availability demands extensive network resources, which can often run up significant costs.

A10's Thunder and AX Series application delivery controllers (ADCs) are well-suited to provide these capabilities, and can offer retail industries a consolidated solution to expand their network quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Through leveraging load balancing and traffic management technologies, A10 ADCs allow retailers to scale out data center operations and extend their business reach across multiple locations. This allows retailers to deliver better customer service, enable a more global corporate footprint, and enhance their online presence.

  • Enhance online customer experience by enabling highly available services through speeding up page-load times, scaling out client requests, and process secure HTTPS content with SSL offload with A10 ADCs, allowing for highly available systems for order management and checkout services. 
  • Secure inventory and payment data and achieve PCI Compliance by leveraging Web application firewall (WAF)DDoS Protection, and more. For combating advanced application layer attacks that can potentially leak customer credit card numbers or confidential company data, A10's Thunder and AX Series ADCs are well-suited to protect your network with tremendous hardware capacity to handle CPU-intensive security tasks. 
  • Build a trusted global brand and support business outreach using global server load balancing (GSLB) for interaction between multiple data center locations, allowing for company information to be transmitted and stored safely among different branch offices, providing business continuity. 
  • Develop better advertising by using Thunder and AX Series ADCs to compress high-bandwidth video ad streaming and mitigate strain on network capacity via traffic steering, a mechanism for redirecting traffic based on content type to a specialized service for optimization and management.