Online Gaming

Enabling Mission-Critical Play

Network Challenges for Online Gaming Companies 
Availability and quick response times are serious business in the online gaming industry. Having the right product offerings is a start, but an optimized network is critical to keep players online in this highly competitive sector. Gaming companies face many of the same challenges as other Web-based businesses, and also some unique issues:

  • Application response must enable real-time action for players.
  • End users demand server session connectivity throughout play, and downtime impacts revenue and reputation.
  • Infrastructure needs the ability to scale rapidly on demand.
  • Specialized back-end servers are required to customize applications.
  • Security is critical for protecting players’ personal and credit card information.

A10 Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Solutions for Online Gaming 
A10 Thunder ADCs deliver a host of features to address the unique challenges of online gaming with robust features designed to keep these companies competitive.

Availability: Traffic spikes are a way of life in the gaming business, but the site must be available at any time, and latency is a business killer. Thunder ADCs keep the server farm working at peak efficiency, with a variety of advanced server load-balancing features. These ADCs use advanced health-monitoring features to evaluate the status of Web and application servers.

Acceleration: The Thunder ADC product line offers a host of features designed to help companies deliver LAN-like game response by offloading or minimizing CPU-intensive tasks. A variety of WAN-side protocol optimization features are also supported. Resulting connectivity rates have been shown to double, while using less bandwidth.

Scalability: As games become popular, companies need to be able to dial up capacity quickly and easily. Thunder ADC uses A10 Networks aVCS™ Virtual Chassis System (aVCS), which clusters multiple devices to increase load-balancing capacity, simplify management, and lower costs.

Security: Protecting players’ private information is a foundation-level requirement, as is the need to protect gaming servers from malicious attacks. Thunder ADC provides powerful security features such as a built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF) and volumetric Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection.

Get the availability you need and the experience users demand with A10 
The A10 Thunder ADC line lets gaming businesses deliver highly available resources with a user experience that’s second to none. Thunder ADC is built on a platform that optimizes both user experience and your bottom line, with innovative features to enable servers to do more, faster.