Mobile Service Providers

Safeguard and Optimize Service Availability

Network Challenges for Mobile Service Providers 
Mobile service providers need to rapidly deploy innovative, revenue-generating services - a priority that demands a highly intelligent, robust, and scalable network infrastructure. The network needs to offer high availability, defend against security threats, and enable service providers to rapidly roll out new services, while keeping a lid on CapEx and OpEx.

A10 Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Solutions for Mobile Service Providers 
With A10 Networks, mobile service providers can harness the powerful features of the A10 Thunder™ ADC product line, Carrier Grade Networking (CGN), and Threat Protection System (TPS) platforms.

Optimizing traffic for value-added services: Value-added services that drive revenue are the touchstone of the mobile operator's business. Thunder ADC appliances enable centralized, intelligent traffic steering, service chaining, and other valuable features for traffic optimization.

Nonstop Uptime: Mobile infrastructure needs systems that reliably support massive capacity. The ability to detect failures and quickly fail-over to redundant systems is key. When failures happen, A10 Thunder ADC appliances use advanced features to ensure uninterrupted service availability. Virtualization technologies from A10 also help meet the high-availability requirements of the largest mobile service providers.

Acceleration to amplify user experience: A10 solutions use TCP enhancements to control and optimize the communications - minimizing congestion and latency to give end users a superior experience.

Simplifying architecture: A10 provides all-encompassing products that consolidate a variety of network elements into one appliance. The result: fewer devices, simplified management, improved service performance, and low CapEx and Opex.

Scaling Up: A10 Thunder appliances scale to meet the needs of even the largest mobile service providers. Hardware platforms from A10 can deliver up to 150 Gbps of Layer 7 processing in a one-rack unit device. Through aVCS clustering methods, multiple appliances can be combined to provide over a Terabit/second of throughput. A10 Thunder devices also support virtualized deployments for added flexibility. And CGN products provide capabilities for scaling IPv4 and transitioning to IPv6.

Safeguarding mobile services and operations: Thunder ADC appliances integrate security features to defend against a wide array of threats. Solutions include: DDoS protection, firewalls for Web and DNS applications, Application Access Management (AAM), and more.

Bring A10 Networks' Intelligence and Scalability into your Mobile Infrastructure 
A10 gives mobile service carriers the scalable, high-performance, and comprehensive application delivery solution they need to realize the potential of their network infrastructure investments.