The financial sector seeks to optimize business operations through increased mobility and highly fluid systems of transaction. As more financial services move towards the cloud, it is important to establish network security protections at every point to ensure secure data transfer.

For investors, agents, and traders, it is critical to have mechanisms in place for instant failover and data recovery to keep business continuous and maintain client trust. This relies on building an infrastructure that can scope for outages and attacks while providing the flexibility to grow on demand in today's more globalized financial climate.

While corporations seek to scale out operations and extend their business reach, there is a challenge to keep up with existing regulations while maintaining tight data center budgets. This begins with choosing an all-inclusive solution that delivers a high degree of control, efficiency, and security. A10's Thunder and AX Series application delivery controllers (ADCs) are well-suited to provide these capabilities and can help solve networking challenges facing financial services.

  • Conduct business faster on a larger scale by optimizing traffic loads and managing secure content through advanced layer 4-7 load balancing and traffic steering. These mechanisms aid in horizontally scaling out operations and maximizing uptime for backend servers, allowing transactions to occur seamlessly from anywhere at any time. 
  • Optimize enterprise application performance with our Thunder Series and AX Series ADCs, designed to provide robustness in failover situations, offload security processing, and perform intelligent load sharing with persistence support for MicrosoftOracleSAP and Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol systems, facilitating fast transmission of information between buyers and sellers. 
  • Keep financial data confidential and achieve PCI Compliance by leveraging Web application firewall (WAF)DDoS protectionSSL Insight, and more. For combating advanced application layer attacks that can potentially leak customer information, A10's Thunder and AX Series ADCs are well-suited to protect your network with tremendous hardware capacity to handle CPU-intensive security tasks. 
  • Control data center costs and boost IT efficiency through consolidation of security and traffic processing operations at the edge using A10's Thunder and AX ADCs. This allows for fewer resources to be consumed by optimizing capacity and extending lifecycles for existing equipment. 
  • Develop mobile banking and get started on IPv6 migration for tomorrow's mobile network. A10 ADCs can help you transition from IPv4 to IPv6 with server load balancing-protocol translation (SLB-PT) technology, allowing your infrastructure to be available to the IPv6 Internet.