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Network and IT Challenges for Enterprises 
IT challenges for enterprises seem to have increased in proportion to the number of new devices, applications, and architectures coming online. The arrival of virtualization and cloud architectures in the data center adds new levels of complexity and tasks around security. IT itself is now used by enterprise companies as a competitive advantage. But increasingly, IT organizations are asked to do more with a smaller budget.

A10 Networks Thunder ADC Solutions for the Enterprise 
A10 Thunder™ ADCs deliver the features that enterprises need to succeed in the face of constantly evolving IT challenges.

Flexible, scalable architecture: A10 Thunder ADCs are built on a unique hardware platform designed to make the most of data center space and power. Introduction of an A10 Thunder Series device can consolidate the number of ADCs and Service Load Balancers (SLBs) by a factor of ten, in a single rack unit appliance. A10's virtual ADCs, vThunder™, provide another flexible, easy-to-deploy solution.

Ensure 24/7 uptime: A10 Thunder ADCs help keep vital applications available at all times, with a rich set of server load-balancing (SLB) capabilities that include advanced application health monitoring. Additional features include a variety of checks that protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and A10 Global Server Load Balancing (GLSB) features for disaster recovery.

Optimize data center infrastructure: Thunder ADCs deliver a host of application acceleration features to help infrastructures run at maximum efficiency. Among these are RAM caching and HTTP compression to shrink WAN payloads, TCP optimization to make Internet connections more efficient and SSL offload to improve the performance for critical applications.

Advanced Security Features: Thunder ADC offers a variety of specialized features to protect business applications and data, including a built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF), A10's SSL Insight feature, and a DNS application firewall.

Make your network a competitive advantage with A10 
The A10 Thunder line of ADCs empowers enterprises to meet data center issues head-on, with security from the inside out, highly available resources, and application acceleration that makes the most of your back-end servers. The Thunder ADC platform optimizes both user experience and your bottom line, with innovations that enable applications and servers to do more, faster.