Education Networking

Delivering a New Class of Network

Network Challenges in Education 
Higher education environments combine the technology requirements of large enterprises with a specialized set of demands that includes unique security needs, unpredictable traffic, collaboration demands, and applications designed for the business of learning. Among the challenges specific to these environments are:

  • BYOD: The infrastructure must reliably support many unknown client devices.
  • Security: Universities need to protect personal, academic, and copyrighted information.
  • Specialized applications: Educational infrastructures must enable traditional and specialized resources, providing availability and speed.
  • Price/performance and scalability: Universities and colleges face tight IT budgets and steep technology demands.
  • Migration to IPv6: Devices will increasingly run on IPv6, while network infrastructures are likely to continue on IPv4.

A10 Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) Solutions for Higher Education: A10 Thunder ADCs deliver a host of features for the unique challenges of colleges and universities.

Flexible, scalable architecture: A10 gives colleges and universities the provisioning flexibility required for today's educational networks. Choices include A10 Thunder Series appliances with application delivery partitions or Thunder hybrid virtual appliances (Thunder HVA), which deliver highly granular policy support per application, user or service by providing a high-density multitenant platform.

Unpredictable traffic patterns around campus call for intelligent traffic management. A10 Networks ADCs deliver server load-balancingglobal server load balancing (GSLB), and Layer 7 content switching features to ensure server uptime and availability. Additionally, the network is ready for IPv6 with A10's Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) feature. And A10 Thunder ADC hardware appliances require no add-on licensing.

Security: The A10 Thunder ADC provides a built-in web application firewall (WAF) to stop attacks against vulnerable applications, and a DNS application firewall (DAF) to make sure only legitimate DNS traffic reaches the DNS infrastructure. A10 Thunder ADCs also prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and provide robust features designed to offload authentication servers.

Take availability to school 
The A10 Thunder ADC line of products delivers the balance of high performance and cost-effectiveness that universities and colleges need to keep up with demanding students, growing network traffic, unmanaged devices, and security mandates.