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Network Challenges for Digital Advertisers 
Digital advertisers’ high connection rates, large numbers of simultaneous connections, and sessions consisting of very small packet sizes, all combine to create a unique set of needs for these companies. To succeed, they must adopt ways to quickly harness data and serve relevant advertising, while avoiding any network slowdowns or downtime, which can be catastrophic.

A10 Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) Solutions for Online Advertisers 
A10 Thunder ADCs deliver the scalability and availability to address the unique challenges of digital advertising companies.

Maximizing throughput: A10 delivers scalability and throughput for online advertisers with its aVCS™ Virtual Chassis System clustering technology, which combines up to eight appliances in a single, centrally managed image that can scale to over 1 Tbps.

Server Availability: Digital advertisers require 99.999% uptime, so server load-balancing (SLB) solutions have to be rock solid, with capacity, scalability and redundancy. Thunder ADC meets these stringent criteria with advanced Layer 4/Layer 7 SLB features. These methods keep digital advertising servers performing to capacity, and with high availability.

To promote business continuity, Thunder units can be deployed in active/passive mode with full failover to a backup unit, or in an active/active implementation. Digital advertisers can also deploy aVCS in conjunction with VRRP-a, A10’s high-availability protocol optimized for SLB.

Overall performance: Thunder ADCs can increase application performance by offloading complex SSL operations. They also use a variety of application acceleration features such as compression, caching, and TCP optimization to speed the end-user experience and enable high performance, with less infrastructure.

Simplified deployment and management: Thunder ADCs offer flexible management and ease of deployment, with helpful features for swift integration into production environments.

Security that scales: A10 provides high-performance detection and prevention against distributed denial of service (DDoS) and protocol anomaly attacks that threaten servers and applications. Additionally, Thunder ADC devices are ideally positioned in the network to detect and stop attacks directed at any data center server or application.

Optimizing infrastructure and accelerating success 
The A10 Thunder ADC line delivers the qualities that big data demands: traffic management features to ensure high availability, massive scalability, and protection from even the heaviest DDoS bombardments.