Service Provider Network Challenges

A10 Thunder ADC Optimizes network and services through traffic steering
A10 Thunder ADC deployment
10 Thunder CGN supports subscriber growth

Unprecedented growth in data and subscribers in recent years has pushed service providers to implement a range of new services and make significant new infrastructure investments to support rapid growth in volume and scale of device types. Service providers require an application networking infrastructure that ensures application service availability, optimizes the utility of scarce wireless network bandwidth and expensive application servers, and extends their investment in IPv4 infrastructure while allowing for transitions to newer IPv6 infrastructure.

A10 Solution

A10's Thunder and AX application delivery controllers (ADCs) and Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) provide service providers a way to enhance service availability and optimize their network infrastructure efficiency. Thunder Carrier Grade Networking (CGN) devices allow them to extend IPv4 services with CGNAT, providing time and technologies to transition to IPv6. For management and oversight, aGalaxy provides a consolidated interface to monitor A10 devices. A10's varied product offerings for scaling, optimization, and monitoring provide the most efficient hardware form factors, which ensure that your data center resources are used efficiently. The combination of high performance in a small form factor results in lower costs through reducing power usage, rack space consumption, and cooling requirements.


Enhanced service availability: The A10 ADC platforms enable a service provider to increase service availability to ensure subscriber connectivity. Advanced server load balancing (SLB) and global server load balancing (GSLB) features allow services to scale and can detect failed services, redirecting users to available services and data centers. A10 ADCs also offer enhanced DDoS protection as a service within our ADC product lines, while the Thunder TPS product line protects an entire network from the devastating effects of a DDoS attack.

Optimized network efficiency and services: The Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) delivers high performance solutions for saving data center operational costs, consolidating legacy ADC equipment and leveraging advanced ADC optimization features such as RAM caching, TCP connection reuse and SSL offload to significantly reduce the processing load on backend infrastructure, extending server lifecycles or reducing the number of servers needed.

Supporting subscriber growth: The Thunder CGN product line provides high performance, highly transparent address and protocol translation services for service providers to extend their IPv4 network connectivity while simultaneously making the transition to IPv6.

Manage devices across the network: Service providers have to manage large deployments, with many nodes that need centralized management for monitoring and maintenance. Our aGalaxy solution provides a user-friendly interface of your network components to help simplify operations.