Enterprise Data Center Challenges

Application Delivery example for Web, DNS and other services

Enterprise data center operators face growing challenges resulting from multiple compounding factors: complex new virtualization and cloud data center technologies are being deployed; more users are accessing data from a rapidly expanding array of devices; and rapid growth in data volume is being driven by broadband wireless and smartphone proliferation. Information technology has become a tool whereby business value and advantage are created, yet IT organizations are pressured to do more with less budget and manpower. To keep today’s data center efficient and meet business requirements, key challenges exist. Maintaining availability of applications, scaling current infrastructure, consolidating resources and staff requirements, and keeping networks secure calls for an efficient solution.

A10 Solution

A10 Networks offers the new premium A10 Thunder™ Series and original AX Series application delivery controllers (ADCs), which are built on the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) with a rich application networking feature set. A10 ADCs can help you tackle these challenges by helping to ensure that your data center applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated and secure.


Maintaining uptime for maximum application availability requires multiple technologies to ensure that user connectivity is sustained and traffic is routed to an active data center in a multi-data center environment.

Application acceleration employs many techniques that can be used concurrently to create efficiency in your environment, optimizing the user experience, and reducing load on your servers and network to reduce infrastructure costs.

Consolidation of equipment can be achieved by introducing higher performance ADCs and consolidating many loads that were previously served by individual ADCs and SLBs (10 to 1 ratios are not uncommon), while building more efficient and flexible enterprise data centers. With the advent of virtualization, many options exist to ensure separation and isolation for different business units, as required.

Effectiveness of data center staff resources is essential. A10 ADCs enable more efficiency with fewer resources, primarily using automation in the form of smart templates that speed application deployment, and management scripting that automates tasks to suit your environment. Scripting to overcome deployment issues is also key, and A10 ADCs ensure that any issue or policy can be taken care of or implemented quickly.

Security is a primary concern for business applications and data in any data center, A10 ADCs offer multiple security services that enhance your existing security solutions to minimize risk and ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements.