Cloud IaaS Data Centers

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A10 Networks aCloud services architecture example

IT organizations realize the substantial agility and cost benefits of rapidly growing Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft's Azure. Leading enterprise IT organizations are evolving their IT strategy by adopting various cloud computing models and software-defined networking (SDN) technology architectures for their internal private data centers to achieve automation, business agility, and reduced operational costs.

In order to integrate advanced L4-7 services into these new IaaS Cloud data centers, operators need a full suite of application networking infrastructure capabilities that integrates into new cloud environments and that supports automated service provisioning of virtualized services per tenant or workload. These new models enable new architectures to be achieved, whether for software defined data centers (SDDC), SDN, or for network function virtualization (NFV) goals.

A10 Solution

A10 Networks aCloud Services Architecture is a portfolio of products and features that enable seamless integration with cloud orchestration platforms and SDN network fabrics through Application Programming Interface (API) calls to dynamically provision application and security policies per tenant. The aCloud Service Architecture ensures that tenant policies are enforced with signficant improvements in provisioning speed, business agility and total cost of ownership.


Automation: A10 Network's aCloud Services Architecture enables operators to build an automatically provisioned application networking infrastructure by integrating plug-in service modules that support platforms such as OpenStack, and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), with planned support for other platforms such as VMware Network Extensibility Program (NetX) and VMware vCloud Director. Similar integration with leading SDN controller platforms such as Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), and IBM Software Defined Network for Virtual Environment (SDN VE) ensures that network security policies are accurately and automatically provisioned on A10's physical and virtual appliances.

Agility: The aCloud Services Architecture also supports emerging IaaS data center requirements to deliver application subscription services with on-demand virtual appliance licensing through vThunder Pay-as-you-Go. As emerging IaaS cloud data center operators strive to deliver a full suite of agile, on-demand data center needs, the vThunder Pay-as-you-Go licensing ensures that rich application and security services can be delivered on a similar subscription basis.

Dynamic service chaining per tenant: By leveraging our vThunder virtual appliances and Thunder Hybrid Virtual Appliances (HVA), IaaS Cloud operators can enable their tenants to spawn new instances for Application Delivery Controller (including advanced security services) or Carrier Grade Networking (CGN) services on demand, and support dynamic L4-7 service insertion according to tenant-defined or provider-defined policies.

Lower TCO: A10's aCloud Services Architecture reduces total cost of ownership through the benefits listed above: automated service provisioning, on-demand vThunder Pay-as-You-Go licensing models, consolidating virtual appliance instances on a single high-performance Thunder HVA appliance, and cloud orchestration and SDN platform integration. These features work together to reduce operational costs by avoiding manual configuration tasks, eliminating costly over-provisioning, limiting hardware form factors, and reducing implementation times.