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Application Acceleration and Server Load Balancing

  • A10 Helps Microsoft Disrupt Notorious ZeroAccess Botnet Overview

    On The Whiteboard editor Pamela Woon talks to the Digital Crimes Unit who fights organized crime on the Internet.

  • aXAPI: REST-based Application Programming Interface (API)Overview

    The aXAPI is a REST-based Application Programming Interface (API) enabling remote interaction from third-party applications to control an A10 Networks AX Series server load balancer.


  • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)Overview

    A10 Networks Systems Engineer, Todd Harcourt, presents an overview to Global Server Load Balancing and how A10 Networks can help manage traffic to multiple geographic sites and also provide disaster recovery for a backup site.


  • Introducing The AX 3030 Application Delivery ControllerOverview

    A10 Networks introduces the AX 3030, a new 1U appliance in our AX Series Application Delivery Controller family that lowers the barrier to entry for 10 gigabit connectivity. 


  • Introduction to the AX Series aFleX Scripting ToolOverview

    The AX Series aFleX scripting tool enables advanced, highly-flexible and efficient Layer 7 traffic management. aFleX technology is based on the industry-standard TCL programming language. aFleXs do not introduce performance degradation, even when numerous features are turned on, due to AXs scalable Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture that is tuned for multi-core CPUs.


  • Micron 21 chose A10 Networks ADCs for their flexibility and performanceOverview

    Micron21’s data centre in Melbourne, Australia, is home to thousands of clients representing hundreds of thousands of Internet websites and cloud services, including local, national and international businesses and government agencies.

    When Micron21 began searching for a more effective load-balancing solution, the chosen technology needed to meet extremely high standards. Micron 21 chose A10 Networks ADCs for their flexibility and performance, with a capability of running 20 gigabits worth of load balance performance per device.

  • The AX 1030 Application Delivery ControllerOverview

    A10 Networks introduces the AX 1030, a high-performance entry level Application Delivery Controller in our AX Series family.

  • The AX 3200-12 Application Delivery ControllerOverview

    A10 Networks' AX 3200-12 delivers high performance and network attack protection in a mid-range Application Delivery Controller.

  • The AX 3400 Application Delivery ControllerOverview

    A10 Networks' AX 3400 delivers exceptional performance and network attack protection in a mid-range Application Delivery Controller, previously available only in the high end ADC market.


  • The AX 5200-11 Application Delivery ControllerOverview

    A10 Networks introduces the AX 5200-11, the world's fastest Application Delivery Controller, the new high-end model in our AX Series family.

  • Virtual Chassis Solution for Application DeliveryOverview

    The AX Virtual Chassis System (aVCS) allows our customer to have a single point of management for up to eight AX Series devices and increases the total aggregate throughput within a virtual chassis system.

  • Yahoo! JAPAN Selects A10 Thunder ADC for Fast, Reliable Streaming VideoOverview

    Leading technology company installs A10 Thunder Application Delivery Controllers for video delivery service GYAO Corporation! To meet the fast-growing demand for HD video streaming, GYAO! needed scalable network infrastructure that could handle traffic peaks exceeding 800 Gbps. By implementing A10’s next-generation Thunder ADC solution, GYAO! improved its video streaming performance while achieving major savings: 80 percent lower cost per port.

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Network DDoS Protection

  • A10 and Cisco SSL Traffic Inspection Solution Video Sponsored by Cisco SecurityOverview

    To detect and stop cyber attacks, Cisco customers must be able to inspect all traffic, including encrypted traffic. This video, sponsored by Cisco Security, shows how A10 Thunder SSLi intercepts SSL traffic and sends it unencrypted to Cisco FirePOWER or Cisco ASA platforms for inspection and attack prevention.

  • Find out how A10 helps solve today's encryption challenges Overview

    Internet users have security and privacy concerns which is compelling more website owners to encrypt application traffic. While corporations encrypt more and more traffic, it is creating a blind spot in corporate networks. 

  • Investigating Mirai: Inside the Malware Responsible for Global IoT Botnets and Massive DDoS AttacksOverview

    The use of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to knock services, applications or businesses offline isn’t a new strategy. But the Mirai malware introduces a new threat actor strategy. It’s a new and clever malware that takes advantage of lax security standards in connected smart devices — also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) — to build massive botnets that are able to deploy DDoS payloads that surpass 1 Tbps throughputs. How does Mirai work? Download the full report.

  • The Importance of Performance for Mitigating DDoS AttacksOverview

    DDoS attacks are devastating because of their large-scale impact. The large botnets send tenacious service requests and a high number of large data packets, all with the goal to render a service unavailable. The scale of traffic volume or service requests requires a defense solution with a lot of horsepower to analyze the voluminous traffic and take appropriate action. That said, it is important to validate your solution's performance in your own environment to ensure predictable operations in the real world. in this video A10 Networks and Ixia discuss the importance of performance for mitigating DDoS attacks.

  • The Rise of Multi-Vector DDoS AttacksOverview

    DDoS attacks have evolved into bigger, more frequent, and more devastating multi-vector DDoS attacks. Most enterprises have existing DDoS security solutions that are unable to handle the volume and complexity of multi-vector DDoS attacks effectively and affordably.

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Case Studies

  • C4L defends against DDoS attacks with A10 Networks Thunder TPSOverview

    C4L, a data center colocation and connectivity solutions provider, selected the A10 Networks Thunder TPS Threat Protection Systems to mitigate sophisticated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and improve service availability. C4L will also use the A10 Thunder TPS platform to launch a new set of services, delivering additional DDoS protection for clients across its 300 network-connected locations.

  • Tremor Video selects A10 Networks next-gen ADC for present and future scalability requirements Overview

    Tremor Videos' Senior Director of Systems Engineering, Presley Acuna, shares why A10 Networks was selected to meet their high-volume video advertising demands. Their need to consolidate disparate platforms that meet current and anticipated performance requirement was met. And A10's world class support team provided Tremor Video with the necessary tools from beginning to end for a quick and efficient deployment.

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