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A10 Lightning Application Delivery Service

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A10 Thunder & AX Series Solution Briefs

  • 64-Bit Breakthrough: Scalability and PerformanceOverview

    A10 64-bit ADCs provide a foundation for current and future application features that need more memory or higher scalability. The impact to users and network architects is considerable: Users are delivered applications faster and seamlessly, with network architects obtaining greater efficiencies, flexibility and extensibility when deploying and managing data center applications... 


  • A10 Harmony Cloud ServicesOverview

    Traditional data center infrastructure does not provide the agility and scalability needed to cost-effectively meet cloud IaaS demands. Manual service provisioning and managing a broad range of compute, storage and network infrastructure is time-consuming and requires significant process overhead.

  • A10 Networks DDoS Security Incident Response TeamOverview

    While multi-vector DDoS attacks are increasing in frequency, severity and duration, the need for DDoS attack mitigation is paramount to secure the edge of cloud infrastructures. The A10 Thunder TPS solution detects and mitigates DDoS attacks to help ensure your infrastructure is safe and your business remains operational. Highly specialized and CSX Cybersecurity-certified, DSIRT is available to support your organization in the event of a DDoS attack against your infrastructure.

  • A10 Thunder ADCs Keep Internet Companies OnlineOverview

    The A10 Thunder ADCs are built to ensure that web-based businesses get what they need from their networks: availability, acceleration, and security. Thunder ADCs deliver the form factor you need, and the features the market demands. And Thunder ADCs are built on a platform that optimizes both user experience and your bottom line, with innovations that offload CPU-intensive tasks to enable servers to do more, faster. The unique A10 ACOS platform offers you vastly improved performance in a remarkably small form factor. And you can manage the system in the way that works for you—from the GUI, CLI, DevOps oriented aXAPI RESTful API, or A10 Networks' aGalaxy® central management system...


  • A10 Thunder SSLi Enables Organizations to Protect Themselves from Threats Hidden in Encrypted TrafficOverview

    Organizations are increasingly using SSL encryption, as they look to prevent costly cyberattacks and maintain compliance with relevant regulations, to protect the privacy and integrity of their sensitive data in transit.

    This solution brief outlines the challenges organizations face trying to detect and prevent Web-based threats.

  • Advanced Application Delivery in Virtualized EnvironmentsOverview

    Increasing traffic and the profusion of applications sharply increase the associated costs and complexity of application delivery. The benefits of server virtualization solutions from vendors such as VMware, Citrix, KVM and others can be greatly increased when deployed together with A10's AX Series ADCs. Joint solutions from A10 and these other virtualization vendors can reduce hardware costs and improve the end-user experience, all while providing a highly adaptable infrastructure that can accommodate unforeseen spikes in network or application load...


  • Application Access Management (AAM)Overview

    Authentication is a critical requirement for online communications. It is imperative that both clients and their target recipients verify their respective identities. With more and more remote transactions from e-commerce based electronic funds transfers to remote healthcare diagnostics to inter-governmental diplomatic communiques taking place over the public Internet, the parties involved must be validated. In turn, the deluge of so many sessions can overwhelm network and security infrastructures. Systems must be established that guarantee authenticity, ensure an excellent end user experience and scale to meet the accelerating demands of heightened data center security.

  • Application Delivery Partitions: Multi-tenant Application Delivery Controller VirtualizationOverview

    Ever increasing traffic demands have resulted in the proliferation of Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) and advanced server load balancers; this highlights the need for more efficient deployment options. A10's Application Delivery Partitions (ADPs) are a proven virtualization solution within its AX Series ADCs, fulfilling the key requirements of high density and high performance. The ADP virtualization technology provides separation and partitioning of multiple ADCs on a single AX Series platform, helping organizations to dramatically reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) without sacrificing performance or ease of use...


  • Carrier Grade DDoS ProtectionOverview

    Internet Service Providers are facing more and more powerful DDoS attacks on a daily basis. Traditional security devices are susceptible to state attacks and incapable of detecting and mitigating layer 7 attacks. The A10 Thunder TPS dedicated DDoS mitigation solution will help ISPs meet their SLA obligations.

  • Cloud IAAS Data CentersOverview

    IT organizations realize the substantial agility and cost benefits of rapidly growing Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings, for example Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft's Azure. Leading enterprise IT organizations are evolving their IT strategy by adopting various cloud computing models and software-defined networking (SDN) technology architectures for their internal private data centers to achieve automation, business agility, and dramatically reduced operational costs...


  • Data Center DDoS ProtectionOverview

    Data centers are experiencing DDoS attacks on a daily basis. Because the collateral damage of an attack on one tenant affects all tenants, the stakes are high and the costs of downtime are even higher. DDoS attacks are now responsible for one in five outages, so the new reality in security includes deploying dedicated DDoS mitigation devices to fend off this growing threat.

  • DDoS Mitigation for Gaming ProvidersOverview

    Today’s gaming providers need highly granular and versatile DDoS mitigation to be always "on." A10 Thunder TPS provides a high-performance, versatile and highly configurable DDoS solution that delivers network traffic insight and granular DDoS mitigation in this demanding environment.

  • Delivering the Information That Powers the MediaOverview

    The A10 Thunder ADC line of application delivery controllers is built from the ground up to deliver the qualities that big data demands - traffic management features to ensure that specialized servers are always available, massive scalability that keeps pace with your big data analytics demands, and protection from the heaviest DDoS bombardments...


  • DNS Application FirewallOverview

    Attackers target DNS infrastructure to disrupt service and to transform DNS servers into weapons to unleash powerful DDoS attacks. A10 Thunder ADC shields DNS servers from attack with its powerful and comprehensive DNS Application Firewall.

  • Get More from Your Enterprise NetworkOverview

    Today's enterprise data center operator faces challenges that are radically different from those seen only a few years ago. Complex new virtualization architectures and cloud data centers are on the rise. Network traffic is expanding exponentially, thanks to the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the growing ubiquity of mobile broadband. At the same time, IT organizations are being asked to do more with less - less budget, less manpower and less infrastructure. Compounding these issues is the fact that information technology has become a marked competitive advantage...

  • Healthcare: A Network to Grow OnOverview

    Today's healthcare organizations face challenges that were unimaginable only 10 years ago. The drive toward 100 percent electronic health records (EHR) opens the door to greater efficiency, higher accuracy and new treatment options, but it also brings vastly greater demands on the network. A10 Thunder ADC line of application delivery controllers optimizes healthcare applications in a variety of ways to improve application response times, ensure server availability, increase application security and improve overall performance - even when running SSL/TLS encrypted traffic...


  • Higher Education: Delivering a New Class of NetworkOverview

    Higher education faces one of the most challenging environments in IT. In perhaps no other arena will the infrastructure have to deal reliably with so many unknown, unmanaged client devices. Universities are at the tip of the spear in BYOD issues, resulting in extremely high network traffic from the three to five devices carried by the average student. A10 Networks® Thunder™ ADC product line of high-performance, next-generation application delivery controllers offers institutions a host of features to help them meet the myriad hurdles posed by BYOD, widely varying traffic loads, security requirements, and the need to embrace future technology almost as quickly as it is developed...


  • Managed Hosting and Cloud Provider NetworksOverview

    With A10 Networks, managed hosting providers can rapidly scale out their networks, execute on virtualization, cloud and SDN initiatives, and maximize application uptime...


  • Meeting Mobile Service Provider Network ChallengesOverview

    Mobile service providers need to rapidly deploy innovative revenue-generating services. This demands intelligent and robust network infrastructure that scales to meet exponential traffic growth, optimizes the end user experience, ensures vital security and meets tight cost objectives. A10 platforms provide mobile service carriers a scalable, high-performance and comprehensive application delivery solution. These products support a broad array of critical functionality in a small, cost-effective appliance...


  • Mitigate DDoS Attacks and Traffic Surges with Thunder ADCOverview

    Server availability to fulfill requests and responsiveness to clients are essential for computing transactions, especially for Web-based transactions. Outages are not tolerated and 99.999% uptime expectations are now normal...


  • Network DDoS ProtectionOverview

    Today, service providers such as cloud providers, Web hosting services, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as well as large enterprises, require an environment that is highly available and secure, as the Internet is the main, if not the only way to channel an organization's services to its customers. Over the last few years, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have grown dramatically in frequency, size and complexity. While organizations have existing security strategies in place that mitigate a range of existing security threats, they are clearly not prepared to address this new breed of DDoS attacks, which leverage large distributed "botnet" networks of compromised "zombie" machines to simultaneously launch attacks using compliant protocols that are very difficult to detect and even harder to mitigate. It is clear that additional solutions are needed to complement existing security infrastructure in a layered defense model...


  • Online Gaming: Enable Mission-critical PlayOverview

    The A10 Thunder ADC line of application delivery controllers has been built to ensure that online gaming organizations can deliver highly available resources with a user experience that's second to none. At the same time, Thunder ADC can offload CPU-intensive tasks, enabling your specialized servers to do their job faster, and all with industryleading security...


  • OpenStack IntegrationOverview

    OpenStack gives IT organizations an open and standards-based approach to a scalable and agile cloud deployment. A10 Networks' OpenStack integration delivers the essential L4-L7 network application services to provide a homogenous solution for cloud provisioning and management.


  • Scalable and Centralized Video Optimization for Service ProvidersOverview

    Service providers are looking to optimize video traffic, consolidate multiple sites to scale services, improve network efficiency and enhance the user experience. A10 Networks has partnered with Flash Networks to offer a joint solution that optimizes video content and web services with advanced traffic steering and video optimization, enabling customers' applications to be highly available, accelerated and secure. Additionally, service providers can realize expanded revenue by offering different classes of service using header enrichment, intelligent content control and application availability features.

  • Secure Web Gateway with SSL InsightOverview

    Malicious users leverage SSL encryption to conceal their exploits. Organizations need a powerful, high-performance platform to decrypt SSL traffic, so access to malicious websites can be restricted. A10 Networks’ Secure Web Gateway feature, which comes standard in A10 Networks Thunder® CFW product line, decrypts SSL-encrypted traffic and forwards it to a third-party security device like a firewall for deep packet inspection (DPI). Once the traffic has been analyzed and scrubbed, the Secure Web Gateway re-encrypts it and forwards it to the intended destination.

  • Shut the Booters Down, Keep Your Site UpOverview

    DDoS attackers can target gaming platforms that often use a combination of tools and tactics to try and find the weakest link and shut you down. A10 Networks Thunder TPS can protect you from multi-vector DDoS attacks to ensure your applications remain online and gamers stay in the game.

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) Scale-outOverview

    Networks are provisioned based on a worst-case scenario; the network is set up to be able to run at its maximum capacity, even when the demand is not. With today's trend, where customers are seeking increased efficiency, networks that dynamically adapt to their surroundings are a perfect answer. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a new technology that is perfectly poised to solve this problem.


  • SSL InsightOverview

    To prevent attacks, intrusions and malware, enterprises need to inspect incoming and outgoing traffic for threats. Unfortunately, attackers are increasingly turning to encryption to evade detection. With more and more applications supporting SSL - in fact, SSL accounts for 25 to 35% of all Internet traffic1 - SSL encryption represents not just a chink in enterprises' proverbial armor, but an enormous crater that malicious actors can exploit...

  • Thunder CFW IPsec site-to-site VPNOverview

    A10 Networks empowers businesses and service providers to reduce their data center footprint and ensure data privacy with a high-performance IPsec VPN solution, which is integrated with other key security and application delivery components.

  • Thunder Web Application FirewallOverview

    Enterprises and government agencies are under siege as malicious users and bots continuously scan, probe and attack websites in order to detect and exploit vulnerabilities. A10 Thunder ADC shields websites from attack with its high-performance, full-featured Web Application Firewall...

  • Transition from IPv4 to All-IPv6 Networks Transparently and with the Lowest TCOOverview

    Unprecedented growth in mobile devices and subscribers in the recent years has caused service providers to make significant investments in infrastructure to support rapid data traffic growth and offer new services. This has contributed to the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space and the depletion of IPv4 addresses is a now a reality. On February 3, 2011, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated the last five remaining "/8"s of IPv4 address space to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). As of April 2014, ARINs (American Registry for Internet Numbers) countdown plan has moved to the final phase and ARIN may not be able to fulfill new IPv4 allocation requests. On the other hand, digital content and Internet traffic is growing exponentially and the emerging trend of the Internet of Things is causing the number of connected devices to cross 20 billion by the end of this decade, increasing the demand for even more IP addresses. In order to sustain the current business and prepare for long-term growth, migrating to IPv6 has become inevitable for service providers...


  • Ultra-High-Performance Data Center Protection in a Compact ApplianceOverview

    Protecting data center services and assets from increasingly sophisticated threats, while providing a high-performance solution that can scale with growing traffic demands remains a challenge. A10 Networks® Thunder® Convergent Firewall (CFW) enables the ultra-high performance data center with an all-inclusive security feature set. This includes stateful Data Center Firewall (DCFW), Web Application Firewall (WAF), DNS Application Firewall (DAF), Application Access Management (AAM), Application Layer Gateway (ALG) support, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation, and advanced Layer 4 through Layer 7 server load balancing.

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Joint Solution Briefs

  • A10 Networks SSL Insight for Bivio Networks Cyber Security Application PlatformsOverview

    Bivio Networks is dedicated to providing leading networking products that enable government agencies and service providers to control, monitor and secure critical network infrastructure. A leader in cyber intelligence, cyber security and network control solutions, Bivio’s global customer base includes leading defense department and intelligence agencies, service providers and enterprises.

    A10 Networks and Bivio Networks have partnered to empower organizations to detect and stop attacks hidden in encrypted traffic, without compromising on performance. A10 Networks SSL Insight® decrypts SSL traffic and sends it to Bivio Cyber Security Application Platforms for detection and mitigation. The combined solutions deliver complete visibility into network activity, including encrypted traffic, to uncover attacks and infiltrations; defend computers, mobile devices and virtual environments from malware; and deliver a safe and secure experience to their users.

  • A10 Thunder ADC-Avaya Aura and Scopia IntegrationOverview

    Organizations around the globe are trying to stay ahead of a corporate communications transformation, and this is driving the need for reliable, high-performance unified communications and collaboration networking capabilities. A10 and Avaya’s tightly integrated, best-of-breed unified communications platforms and application delivery controllers (ADCs) deliver the performance, scalability, security and deployment flexibility required by today’s enterprises.

  • A10 Thunder ADC-Avaya VSP and Fabric Connect IntegrationOverview

    Today’s networks are being stretched to the limit by the rapid growth in high-volume traffic tied to a variety of applications. Together, A10 Networks and Avaya are delivering an integrated, high-performance network virtualization and application delivery solutions that will meet your mission-critical networking needs.

  • A10 Thunder Threat Protection System with Big Tap Monitoring FabricOverview

    A10 Networks and Big Switch Networks have partnered to create an effcient, cost-optimized solution for DDoS attack detection across the entire data center. The solution is composed of A10’s Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) and Big Switch’s SDN-based Big Tap Monitoring Fabric leveraging bare metal Ethernet switches. The solution enables security administrators to monitor data-center wide traffic (including east-west tra c) for sophisticated DDoS attacks
    and security breaches.

  • Arista Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) in High Performance Data CentersOverview

    A10 Networks and Arista offer industry-leading application networking solutions for large data center and high-performance computing environments. These complementary solutions address emerging trends for application performance, security and programmability, with best-of-breed data center switching and application delivery controllers (ADCs) that work seamlessly together.

  • Blackboard Learning Management SystemOverview

    A10 Thunder ADC line of application delivery controllers (ADC) ensure efficient application delivery for connections that require transmitted data to be optimized and computationally intensive functions to be offloaded from Blackboard Web servers. Thunder ADC sits between the student and the Blackboard server farm, offering security processor-based bulk decryption offload, RAM caching for static and dynamic content serving of frequently requested objects,  HTTP compression to reduce data transfer size and improve performance...

  • Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure and A10 Thunder ADC Deliver Dynamic L4-L7 Services Overview

    As businesses look to IT as a point of strategic differentiation, data center agility becomes more critical than ever. Evolving applications combined with the need for always-on reliability requires thatIT organizations ensure a seamless infrastructure for application deployment and on-demand consumption. 

    Cisco ACI provides a centralized fabric control and automation framework for application policies. Through an A10 device package, ACI automates the service chaining and insertion of physical, hybrid and virtual A10 Thunder ADC appliances, enabling data center operators to deliver advanced L4-L7 tenant services while improving agility and reducing TCO.

  • Comprehensive Application-Centric Visibility with A10 Networks & AppViewOverview

    The A10 Networks and AppViewX partnership provides customers with a single pane of glass for managing and monitoring diverse ADC infrastructures. The joint solution enables organizations to have application-centric visibility and configuration management capabilities across ADCs.

  • FlowTraq and Thunder TPS Manage DDoS AttacksOverview

    A10 Networks and FlowTraq have partnered to provide a flexible, scalable and affordable solution for flow-based network insight, analysis and DDoS mitigation..


  • IPv6 Migration: NAT64 and DNS64Overview

    A10 Networks and Infoblox offer a comprehensive and jointly tested solution to provide a high-performance NAT64 gateway and a DNS64 service, a solution that has already been deployed by enterprises and service providers.

  • Load Balancing Pulse Secure SSL VPN DeploymentsOverview

    Remote users require secure and uninterrupted access to corporate resources. A10 Thunder ADC load balances Pulse Connect Secure deployments for high availability and to increase overall SSL VPN capacity..


  • Microsoft LyncOverview

    A10 Thunder™ Series Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is certified by Microsoft to deliver availability (load balancing), application acceleration and security for Lync Server 2010 and Lync Server 2013 deployments. Microsoft Lync Server is a unified communications platform that connects millions of people together every day. Combining instant messaging, voice and video, Lync allows users to share information securely from any location. A10 Thunder ADC enables Lync deployments to:

    • Scale with server load balancing
    • Improve the user experience with acceleration
    • Eliminate downtime with high availability
  • Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM)Overview

    Today's networks include a wide range of devices, such as application servers, switches, routers, load balancers and many others. Network administrators face signi cant challenges and complexity when deciding how the growing plethora of network devices can be managed and monitored. These aforementioned devices are required to be managed and monitored in depth in order to provide outstanding application uptime performance. In depth management means that each component of a device, such as the processors, hard disks, memory, power supply and its services are critical to be monitored....


  • RSA SecurID and A10 Thunder ADC Application Access Management (AAM)Overview

    In the age of complex Web-based applications, unmanaged mobile devices and an expanded worldwide user base, it is increasingly difficult to ensure data center and resource security. Organizations must implement strong authentication systems that properly validate client access in real time while still providing an enhanced user experience. 

    Combine RSA’s Authentication Manager and its array of SecurID authenticators with A10 Thunder ADC and Application Access Management (AAM) module to secure enterprise and cloud-based operations. This interoperable joint solution is fully tested and certified to provide a rapid and transparent integration of authentication services.

  • RSA Security Analytics and SSL InsightOverview

    To gain full visibility into threats, RSA Security Analytics® customers must be able to inspect all traffic, including encrypted traffic. A10 Thunder ADC gives RSA customers SSL visibility and eliminates the SSL blind spot in their defenses by intercepting SSL traffic and sending it unencrypted to RSA Security Analytics for inspection and analysis. A10 Networks – the first vendor to introduce SSL Insight in an application delivery controller – provides exceptional SSL connection and throughput rates...

  • SSL Insight and Load Balancing for Check PointOverview

    To gain full visibility into threats, Check Point Next Generation Firewalls must scale to protect the largest networks in the world and inspect all traffic, including encrypted traffic. A10 Thunder ADC enables Check Point customers to inspect and block threats in SSL traffic, increase aggregate performance and maximize uptime using A10’s SSL Insight and load-balancing capabilities.

  • SSL Insight for Cisco FirePOWER and Cisco ASAOverview

    To detect and stop cyber attacks, Cisco customers must be able to inspect all traffic, including encrypted traffic. A10 Thunder SSLi intercepts SSL traffic and sends it unencrypted to Cisco FirePOWER or Cisco ASA platforms for inspection and attack prevention. The first vendor to introduce SSL Insight in an application delivery controller, A10 Networks provides exceptional SSL connection and throughput rates.

  • SSL Insight for FireEyeOverview

    To stop cyber threats like malware and targeted attacks, organizations need to inspect all types of traffic, including encrypted SSL communications. With the transition from 1024- to 2048- bit SSL keys and growing SSL usage, organizations need a powerful, high performance platform that can decrypt and inspect encrypted data. 

    A10 Networks has partnered with FireEye to deliver a solution that intercepts SSL traffic and performs advanced threat analysis. SSL Intercept, a feature of A10 Thunder ADC, offloads CPU-intensive decryption functions, enabling the FireEye Threat Prevention Platform to inspect encrypted traffic...

  • SSL Insight for IBM Security QRadar Incident ForensicsOverview

    The IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform helps organizations holistically protect their people, data, applications and infrastructure. IBM's broader security portfolio offers solutions for identity and access management, security information and event management, database security, application development, risk management, endpoint management, next-generation intrusion protection and more. IBM operates one of the world's broadest security research and development, and delivery organizations. IBM monitors 15 billion security events per day in more than 130 countries and holds more than 3,000 security patents...


  • SSL Insight with External BypassOverview

    A10 Networks and Interface Masters have partnered to detect and stop malicious attacks hidden in encrypted traffic, while maintaining high availability. A10 Networks Thunder ADC line of Application Delivery Controllers intercepts and decrypts SSL traffic and sends the unencrypted traffic to third-party security devices for analysis. In the event of a software or hardware failure, the Interface Masters Niagara External Bypass Switch routes network traffic around the Thunder ADC appliance, ensuring continuous application access.

  • SSL Insight with Vectra NetworksOverview

    The A10 Networks® Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC) product line delivers SSL Insight™ capability that enables inspection of encrypted flows, increasing the efficacy and accuracy of the Vectra X-series real-time breach detection platforms.

  • Symantec Certificate Intelligence CenterOverview

    A10 Thunder ADC is fully interoperable with Symantec's Certificate Intelligence Center (CIC) and provides visibility over all digital certificates installed on these A10 network-aware appliances...


  • Trend Micro Deep Discovery and SSL InsightOverview

    To detect and stop cyber attacks, Trend Micro customers must be able to inspect all traffic, including encrypted traffic. A10 Thunder ADC line of Application Delivery Controllers intercepts SSL traffic and sends it unencrypted to the Trend Micro Deep Discovery platform for inspection and attack prevention. The first vendor to introduce SSL Insight in an application delivery controller, A10 Networks provides exceptional SSL connection and throughput rates.

  • Venafi TrustForce and A10 Thunder ADC to Simplify Certificate ManagementOverview

    Organizations need to not only manage the lifecycle of all digital certificates but ensure that any vulnerabilities are found and automatically rectified. The difficulty of this undertaking is magnified when certificates are configured on various network infrastructure elements.

    A10 Networks Thunder ADC line of Application Delivery Controllers is fully interoperable with Venafi’s Trust Protection Platform. Together, this joint solution enables control over all digital certificates present, while allowing full remediation of any anomalies...


  • Verisign DDoS Protection Service and A10 Thunder TPSOverview

    A hybrid defense strategy against multi-vector DDoS attacks. A10 Thunder TPS performs on premise protection, and has the ability to signal to Verisign’s DDoS protection platform when traffic levels start to exceed the Internet bandwidth thresholds of the A10 Thunder TPS.

  • VMware and Thunder ADC IntegrationOverview

    Jointly deployed, VMware's server virtualization solutions and A10 Thunder ADC server load balancers can reduce hardware costs and improve the customer experience, all while providing infrastructure that can accommodate unforeseen spikes in load. A10 Thunder ADC is a perfect complement to VMware, offering twice the performance at half the price of competing solutions on the market today. Deployment of VMware maximizes server hardware resources...

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Third Party Briefs

  • The 2014 Application & Service Delivery HandbookOverview


    Download Dr. Jim Metzler's 2014 Application and Service Delivery Handbook, which delivers a comprehensive guide covering drivers and techniques for successfully implementing an Application Networking infrastructure.

    Available now: 

    • Executive Summary 
    • Part 1: Introduction & Challenges 
    • Part 2: Emerging Application & Service Delivery Challenges 
    • Part 3: Management & Security 
    • Complete Version
  • The 2015 Application & Service Delivery HandbookOverview


    Download Dr. Jim Metzler's 2015 Application and Service Delivery Handbook, which delivers a comprehensive guide covering drivers and techniques for successfully implementing an Application Networking infrastructure.

    Available now:

    • Executive Summary
    • Part 1: The Emerging Application and Service Delivery Environment
    • Part 2: Network and Application Optimization
    • Part 3: Management and Security
    • Complete Version
  • The 2015 Guide to SDN and NFVOverview


    Download Dr. Jim Metzler's 2015 Guide to SDN and NFV. Over the last couple of years, the hottest topics in networking have been Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). While both enterprises and service providers have shown great interest in these topics, the vast majority of organizations are still either on the sidelines or in the analysis stage of adoption. The primary goals of The 2015 Guide to Software Defined Networking & Network Functions Virtualization (The Guide) are to eliminate the confusion that surrounds SDN and NFV and to accelerate the analysis and potential adoption of these new design and architectural approaches.

    • Executive Summary
    • Part 1 - Software Defined Networking (SDN)
    • Part 2 - Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
    • Part 3: The SDN and NFV Ecosystem
    • Complete Version

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