Case Studies

Advertising and Marketing

Tremor Video needed a reliable and scalable solution that could manage the growing traffic of supporting over 1 billion ads per month


Tremor Video needed a reliable and scalable solution that could manage the growing traffic of supporting over 1 billion ads per month

Propelled by solid growth, Tremor Video was able to acquire other companies; however, this created a problem with disparate platforms across edge appliances. The technological incongruities between platforms introduced unnecessary complexity, which was felt by customers and Tremor Video staff alike. Customers experienced slower traffic due to increased latency through the Tremor Video network, while staff contended with added management overhead. Also, view our Tremor video case study.


Subaru Canada appreciates the bandwidth provided by the AX 2500, which costs less than one-third of competing solutions (based on throughput-$-per-Gbps metric)


Subaru Canada had been using the Foundry ServerIron 4G-SSL to provide server load balancing for its website ( However, when it came time to renew the support contract with Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., which had acquired Foundry Networks in 2008, Subaru Canada decided to evaluate some of the newer technologies available. 

While Subaru was impressed with the performance of the AX 1000, due to the rapid growth rate of sales at Subaru Canada, they decided they might later appreciate having the additional overhead provided by the AX 2500, with its 10 Gbps throughput capacity, as opposed to the 4 Gbps capacity of the AX 1000. Subaru Canada's Director of eBusiness & Information Systems, George Hamin said it was an easy choice, since the AX appliance cost "just a little more than the cost of renewing support on our 4G-SSL."

Cloud and Hosting Providers

Intermax balances server load with A10 ADCs and manages peak traffic with ease


Intermax is a growing Dutch hosting and cloud computing provider for business-critical (web) applications, with customers in healthcare, government, media and e-commerce. For more than 20 years, the company has provided its customers with the necessary infrastructure and services to keep pace with the fast moving use of cloud services. 

Intermax uses multiple high availability pairs of A10 ADCs. One pair is used for internal services and customer partitions – load balancing customers' web traffic in either the Amsterdam or the Rotterdam data centers. The other pairs are dedicated to a single customer only and are located in either the Amsterdam or the Rotterdam data centers.

Micron21 selects A10 with a goal to create a world-class data center, without compromise to meet growing demands


Micron21 utilizes A10 features such as RAM Caching, Compression, SSL Acceleration and DDoS Protection to achieve high performance and reliability. Also, view our Micron21 video case study.

Peak Hosting learned that only A10 offered the required multi-tenancy features and functionality


Peak Hosting, founded in 2001, provides comprehensive IT-as-a-service managed hosting and private hybrid cloud services to enterprise-level clients. Over the last decade, Peak Hosting's consultants have built fifteen of the twenty largest web properties in the world. 

Peak Hosting's network is comprised of core routing from Cisco, 10 Gb distribution and top of rack switching from Brocade and firewalling from Juniper. For load balancing hundreds of servers, Peak Hosting was using Citrix NetScaler appliances. However, with Peak Hosting's constantly increasing traffic load and customer management requirements, the NetScaler solution was running out of capacity and couldn't provide the individual secure access customers demanded. While researching higher performance solutions, Peak also was on the lookout for any recent innovation that load balancers and Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) could offer to improve the customer experience and stream-line internal operations, reducing their overall total cost of ownership.


Bentley University makes Oracle Web Portal more responsive with application acceleration


Bentley University, located in Waltham, MA, is one of the nation's leading business schools, with a focus on preparing business leaders with deep technical skills, a broad global perspective and high ethical standards. Students interested in business professions choose from a wide range of programs that address all functional areas including accountancy, finance, marketing, management and liberal arts - all anchored in technology. 

Leading by example, Bentley University relies on state-of-the-art technology to assist its students and faculty with research, communication and other learning management systems. Bentley deployed an Oracle Web Portal so that students and faculty have access to all applications at anytime, and anywhere. 

To load balance its data center servers that power its enterprise-wide applications, Bentley previously utilized F5's BIG-IP appliances in its data center. However, when the IT department established an initiative to make the Oracle Web Portal more responsive, the project became expensive. Bentley wanted to add Web Caching and SSL Off-load features to the BIG-IPs to alleviate the load on the servers, but F5 required expensive licenses for these features. So the University evaluated alternative solutions from A10, Citrix (NetScaler) and Zeus, finally selecting A10 Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)...

Hong Kong Baptist University selects A10 Thunder ADC for architecture redesign


Hong Kong Baptist University’s campus expansion needed a network redesign to meet ultra-high SLA requirements. The university selected A10 Networks Thunder ADC line of Application Delivery Controllers to ensure equal distribution of applications traffic between data centers and servers, enabling easy horizontal scaling of infrastructure, optimal performance and high application availability.

McMaster University scales application delivery for Blackboard eLearning system


In 2008, McMaster began a selection process to replace the incumbent WebCT 4.1 Learning Management System (LMS), choosing the Blackboard Academic Suite 8 and Blackboard Vista 8. The new system allows comprehensive e-Learning, course and student management, while also adding Web 2.0 collaborative features for community and content. 

To ensure the Blackboard platform is highly available and to power the new features, McMaster also required an upgrade of the underlying system architecture, including both physical and virtual servers. The applications are web-based, so an Application Delivery Controller was also needed, principally to provide application acceleration, load balancing and Layer 7 scripting with rewrite functionality. 

The A10 ADC was chosen by McMaster in a high availability configuration for maximum redundancy. In addition to delivering twice the performance at half the price of the competitors, A10 ADC satisfied the functional requirements as well as solving some key implementation issues...

Newcastle University selects A10's advanced high performing Application Delivery Controller (ADC) with enhanced security features for their critical international learning environment


From its origins as a School of Medicine and Surgery in 1834, Newcastle University today offers a first-class student experience in one of the UK's most vibrant, student-friendly cities. Newcastle is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of research-intensive universities. Ranked among the best in the world by the most recent Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Newcastle University is in its global top 200, while ranking in the top 20 UK universities in The Sunday Times University Guide 2013...

St. Petersburg College utilized A10 ADCs' multi-tenancy features in order to manage campus-wide applications


As the college grew rapidly, expanding globally with additional students, its incumbent IT infrastructure suffered, unable to meet the challenges brought by this growth. St. Petersburg College needed an advanced Application Delivery Controller (ADC) with multi-tenancy features in order to manage the diverse and rapidly increasing plethora of applications, spanning from classroom campus-wide applications such as Blackboard Learn+ to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software such as Oracle PeopleSoft, in addition to Microsoft applications such as SharePoint, Lync and Exchange. 

St. Petersburg College's major concern was to find a platform that could accommodate growth and significantly increase data center bandwidth. The solution needed to run efficiently and flawlessly, with no traffic impact during failover.

UCLA Information Technology Infrastructure Services Counts on Thunder ADC


UCLA is known worldwide for the breadth and quality of its academic, research, healthcare, cultural, continuing education and athletics programs. The IT Infrastructure Services (IS) unit focuses on the provisioning and management of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), and reliable mainframe and data center operations.

UCLA needed a new solution using advanced ADC features such as next-generation load balancing, security such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) for a Disaster Recovery initiative, and other robust features that would make migration off the existing system as easy as possible while improving security. A committee at UCLA evaluated vendors and narrowed down the possibilities. The A10 Networks® Thunder® ADC solution was chosen primarily for performance, price and a robust feature set.

University of the Arts London deploys Global Server Load Balancing and URL Switching for Apache servers running on VMware


University of the Arts London is a vibrant world center for innovation, comprising six internationally renowned colleges. It is Europe’s largest university for art, design, fashion, communication and the performing arts. University of the Arts London selected A10 Networks Application Delivery Controllers’ (ADC) to replace its aging server load balancers whose capacity was maxed out.

York University selects A10 Thunder CGN for Network Infrastructure Scalability


As Canada’s third largest university, York University needed a new solution to accommodate its rapidly increasing network load. A10 Thunder CGN was chosen primarily for scale, performance, all-inclusive licensing, and ease of implementation; A10 implemented the entire Thunder CGN system in two visits.


Certified General Accountants of Ontario Load Balances SharePoint, Exchange and Blackboard applications


CGA Ontario represents more than 19,000 CGAs and 9,000 students. With internal and external users accessing enterprise applications such as SharePoint, Exchange and Blackboard, CGA required a high-performance server load balancer platform, at an affordable price. 

Through a Web search for high-performance server load balancers, CGA Ontario discovered several news articles on A10 ADCs, highlighting twice the performance at half the price of comparable solutions. The extreme value proposition removed other solutions from consideration. CGA Ontario contacted A10, set up the install, noticed the performance improvements immediately and purchased the A10 ADC...

GAIN Capital deploys A10 ADC to scale performance


GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc., a global provider of online trading services specializing in foreign exchange (forex) and contracts for difference (CFDs), offers award-winning trading solutions for customers and partners in more than 140 countries. GAIN Capital operates, one of the best-known brands in the global retail forex industry.

In response to increasing customer demand, GAIN Capital sought to optimize the applications that support its popular trading platforms 24/7. GAIN uses Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) to provide server load balancing for its trading applications, which supply live market rates, streaming news and real-time account information. 

These applications are business critical so instant failover in the event of an outage is necessary. GAIN's existing ADCs were struggling to keep up with the increased demand. GAIN also discovered that one of the factors contributing to its SSL performance restrictions was due to the need to switch to larger more secure 2048-bit security certificates. A 2048-bit certificate size can account for an additional 3 to 7 times impact in performance over a 1024-bit certificate. GAIN Capital needed to refresh its existing ADCs to increase performance while maintaining a consistent user experience to its clients.


Gamania deploys Global Server Load Balancing and application acceleration for first-class online gaming services


Gamania Digital Equipment, headquartered in Taiwan with 650 employees, is a leading online game provider, which develops, publishes and co-publishes on-line games. Founded in 1995, Gamania has grown from a handful of gaming enthusiasts to a multinational organization that continuously delivers a first-class online gaming experience to many thousand users daily. 

For the past five years, Gamania has leveraged application delivery controllers (ADCs) to enhance its online Web gaming application services. This includes load balancing and application acceleration for value-added services, such as downloading patch files and access to online games. In 2008, Gamania expanded its operations to deliver increased services to its users, which required more ADCs to be added to its continuously growing network. 

For its data center and operation expansion project, Gamania had several options for the new ADCs. The first was to purchase additional BIG-IP load balancers from F5, its incumbent provider. The second was to evaluate alternatives to see if there are better solutions in the industry. For this option, Gamania evaluated Citrix's NetScaler and A10 ADCs. During the proof of concept (PoC) period, A10 Networks' new-generation ADCs demonstrated superb performance, flexibility and scalability, which outshined competitors. As a result, Gamania selected A10 ADCs for its expansion project...

GameFlier leverages Layer 7 scripting and DDoS protection to boost performance


GameFlier is a leading online gaming provider in Taiwan. A10's AX Series provides Game Flier with a high-performance server load balancing platform to ensure its Web portal applications are always performing, available and scalable for increased user growth. 

GameFlier selected A10's AX 2100 because it provides the highest performance on the market at the most competitive price. The AX Series is the first family of server load balancers that is tuned for multi-core CPU systems and capable of handling today's bandwidth intensive and high volume applications such as GameFlier's Web portal system...

GameOn needed an advanced Server Load Balancer (SLB) with virtualization features to consolidate their multiple SLBs as well as enable multi-tenant environments which resulted in faster deployment times


GameOn Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. GameOn participates in the management and development of online games in Japan. It also offers software licenses to the Internet cafes for using online games, as well as operates online web portal sites for online games. In addition, it has business licenses merchandising rights utilizing the licensing of online games...

Sega configures high performance mobile system infrastructure with A10 ADC


Since establishment in 1960, Sega Corporation has been providing game content through various consumer devices. In recent years, the company has created new forms of entertainment based on a combination of network and mobile games to provide a rich collection of titles. 

In order to provide new mobile game titles via the Internet, Sega initiated a project to construct a dedicated mobile game system. To provide the infrastructure for the new game titles, Sega first considered utilizing cloud services for short time period usage, but the growth forecast of extended application titles for mobile users resulted in a decision to construct a new in-house system to provide multiple game titles in parallel. The new system required servers for game content, and new server load balancers to handle large traffic to multiple games' content with high speed.


Florence County accelerated clustered VMware environment and SQL server cluster


Florence County provides information and applications to 3 million viewers a month. To optimize and accelerate its virtualized server clusters, a cost-effective, fast and very feature rich server load balancer platform was essential. Florence County chose two A10 ADCs in a High Availability (HA) pair. The compelling reasons for choosing A10 ADCs resulted from Application Delivery requirements and core server load balancing functionality...

Shasta County load balances VMware and Outlook Web Access


Shasta County's charter is to distribute information as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible to the public. Shasta County selected A10 ADC for an infrastructure upgrade, fulfilling its charter through the ability to handle increased load for the next five years...

Thames-Coromandel District Council needed to upgrade their old Server Load Balancing (SLB) solution to meet increased demands and support new services


Thames-Coromandel District Council (TCDC) in New Zealand has created a fast, reliable future-proofed network for interacting with and servicing its various communities. The main drivers of this efficient technology are two application delivery controllers from A10 Networks, whose benefits include enabling Council's web pages to load five times faster than before. 

Based on its previous technology, TCDC's ability to support the future requirements of all stakeholders was very limited. Performance, security and overall manageability were being compromised and the situation was expected to deteriorate further as more applications were added to the network.


CRC Health Group ensures Outlook Web Access is always available


CRC Health Group is the largest provider of specialized behavioral health care services in the U.S., treating more than 30,000 patients each day. CRC has 145 facilities with staff located across the U.S. 

CRC provides its staff with Microsoft Outlook Web Access so that its users can access email anywhere and anytime when they are off-site, or on site but not at their own terminal. To ensure that Outlook Web Access is always available and responsive, CRC deployed A10 ADC server load balancers to balance the load...

FFF Enterprises increases performance and flexibility for online vaccine purchasing application


FFF Enterprises delivers the nation's first online vaccine portal, MyFluVaccine. A10 ADC provides FFF Enterprises with a highperformance server load balancing platform to ensure MyFluVaccine is always performing and available. 

FFF Enterprises selected A10 ADC Advanced Traffic Manager as it delivers all the required features to ensure the MyFluVaccine(TM) portal performs as desired, especially during peak usage conditions. The key A10 ADC features that FFF Enterprises leverages include Layer 4-7 server load balancing, SSL acceleration/offload, application persistence and aFleX for advanced scripting...

University of Kansas Hospital required a proven solution to replace its existing Server Load Balancing (SLB) equipment


The University of Kansas Hospital is the region's premier academic medical center, dedicated to providing excellent service and compassionate, high-quality medical care. With approximately 5500 employees in 50 locations throughout Kansas, the hospital continues to bring a level of expertise to patient care that comes from leadership in medical research and education. The University of Kansas Hospital has ranked on U.S. News and World Report's Best Hospitals list for the past seven years with nine of its specialties, ranking among the nation's top 50. They are home to the largest Physician practice in Kansas, representing more than 200 specialties. 

With two data centers and two clusters of existing load balancing equipment coming to their end of life (EOL), the hospital required a proven solution to replace its existing Server Load Balancing (SLB) equipment and support the current corporate design to migrate away from GroupWise and implement Microsoft Exchange across its network. To maintain its current infrastructure and expand to MS Lync for video conferencing and voice services, as well as meet additional needs for virtualization and multi-tenancy in the future, an enterprise-level SLB solution was needed. After looking at a number of vendors, the hospital decided to test A10's next-generation Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs).


SK Life eliminates network latency for web applications


In the early stages of SK Life's business, the focus was on customer acquisition and retention and return on investment. In addition, today's business challenges include a government open insurance policy and various insurance package options, delivering multiple layers of complexity and creating a need for simultaneous data exchanges so that employees can quickly and effectively service clients. 

To meet the requirements for simultaneous information sharing within the organization, SK Life deployed six Web application servers for its internal applications and storage. Initially, the applications ran at 5 Mbps, but after the integrated investment insurance policies took place, the need increased to 30 Mbps. Increased internal application traffic caused network latency whereby employees had to wait to get online and collect client and program information, and as a result business opportunities were lost. 

Upon research, SK Life learned that network congestion could be resolved with an advanced Application Delivery Controller (ADC), and contacted A10 Networks to evaluate its award-winning ADCs. Upon deploying the A10 ADC, SK Life immediately realized the benefits and made the purchase.

Internet and Web 2.0

Box standardized on A10 Thunder™ ADC product line for their application load-balancing needs


Box considered several vendors when making its purchasing decision. After careful review, the company chose the Thunder ADC product line of high-performance next-generation application delivery controllers (ADCs). A10's Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) was a big factor in the decision. This software brings a unique combination of shared memory accuracy and efficiency plus advanced flow processing. Critical product features such as active/active High Availability option (HA), the RESTful aXAPI to seamlessly integrate the ADCs into Box's production systems, and extensive IPv6 integration are inherent in the architecture... 

Brainshark sought a replacement server load balancing solution when its previous solution had reached end of life


Brainshark, launched in 1999, is a software as a service (SaaS) provider that allows customers to access its unique business communications platform. Brainshark's customers can upload previously created presentations, such as Microsoft PowerPoint® files, to the company's Website. At that point, Brainshark converts the files into an online video presentation format (that's also mobile-ready), and the customer can then choose to add audio narration to the presentation. Once the presentation is finished, the customer can share the video with an audience, and those viewers can then watch the presentation anytime and anywhere - on their computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or other smartphones...

Buienradar needed a load balancer replacement to meet its unique network demands


In considering their distributed network with geographically separate data centers, Buienradar needed a new generation server load balancer capable of providing Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB). The new appliance would also need to offer higher throughput than the legacy load balancers. Another criterion that would affect the company's purchasing decision was the impending depletion of IPv4 addresses. As more and more end users migrate to the IPv6 protocol, Buienradar's goal was to be ready to meet the needs of this small but growing number of IPv6 clients....

Cityline selects A10 ADC to optimize internet and mobile ticketing services


When Cityline wanted to optimize its Internet and mobile ticketing services, it selected A10 ADC as the most cost-effective solution to maximize robustness, availability and error handling under heavy load.

Earth Class Mail deploys SSL encryption/re-encryption for AJAX-powered Web mail applications


Earth Class Mail required a new server load balancer solution to load-balance the Web servers that run the business-critical AJAX-powered Web mail applications. The AJAX Web applications are high-volume with millions of XML formatted messages passed daily. 

Given the requirement for privacy and protection of personal information in its online postal-mail service, Earth Class Mail needed a load balancer that can encrypt and re-encrypt SSL on the backend. Because its previous load balancer could not perform the SSL encryption/re-encryption, Earth Class Mail compared competitors' products and selected A10 ADC server load balancers. The SSL functionality combined with the industry-leading price/performance and support were key competitive differentiators for the A10 ADC...

Excite selects A10 ADCs to manage its increase in traffic, concerns with DDoS attacks and IPv6 support


Excite Japan Co., Ltd. provides various portal services, such as "Excite" and "Beauty Navi" that have been steadily attracting more users - and an application download service for smartphones with a large number of downloads recorded. The portal service operates as its core business, so Excite must offer a comfortable interface to users, and operate a stable network infrastructure to support it. Excite addresses several business issues in order to run a stable infrastructure. "DDoS attacks targeting the websites of public offices and organizations, such as SYN flood attacks, have been increasing year by year, so Excite Japan also looks at ways to further reinforce security while maintaining the current performance." 

"As our service expands, unexpected traffic loads may occur, and an increase in traffic is anticipated in the near future. In order to manage this, we sought to reinforce the system by installing a more spacious load balancer in terms of performance." Simultaneously, Excite Japan considered reinforcing IPv6 support in order to handle a surge in IPv6 clients following the announcement that IPv4 addresses were exhausted in 2011. replaced previous load balancer with the A10 ADC for higher performance and scalability to handle increased traffic and peak load

Overview is a local search engine that connects search technology, community and content by developing niche-specific portals tailored for distinct searching communities, delivering a focused, useful and rewarding search experience. One of its key portals,, is a business-to-business (B2B) portal that empowers a broad distribution network for its advertisers, helping businesses connect with consumers and grow their bottom line by conveying meaningful, revenue-generating search results. Both are divisions of IT Interactive Services, Inc., a private Canadian media incorporation headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia. has 20 million business listing records with 170,000 unique visitors a month, and growing at 34-40% per month. In addition, has partnerships with companies such as Yahoo! and City Search to pull in sponsored search links with these partners. has 2 billion search requests on a monthly basis. Two datacenters run both web sites for redundancy...

Oad Group required a high-performance Application Delivery Controller (ADC)/server load balancing solution to meet the daily increasing demands of online traffic


The Oad Groep (also known as the Oad Group), is headquartered in Holten, Netherlands and is one of the leading travel operators in the country. 

The company offers tour packages across all types of transportation, including air, train, car and boat, with cruises to more than 60 countries worldwide. 

The Oad Group is a privately-held company consisting of three divisions that cover both consumer and corporate travel: Oad Reizen (Oad Travel), the Globe Travel Agency Group, and Oad Coach Company. The Oad Group has 2,000 employees worldwide and books more than 750,000 passengers every year. Its 2010 revenue amounted to nearly 1 billion Euros.

SapientNitro increases value with SSL offload


The A10 ADC was able to satisfy the requirements set by SapientNitro. The SSL Offload feature greatly simplifies SSL-key management; now certificates are centralized at the ADC for management, instead of stored on the individual web servers. Additionally, the dedicated SSL processors within the A10 ADC enable SapientNitro to handle the increased SSL requirements bought on by the upgrade from 1024-bit to 2048-bit keys—without impact to the web servers. The SSL Offload feature allows SapientNitro to return processing capacity to the web servers, and ensure better server and application performance with the existing hardware. For SapientNitro, this directly translates into reduced data center footprint, reduced power consumption and more cost effective operating expenses. A10 Networks provides worry-free licensing and does not charge additional licensing fees for performance or features such as SSL Offload...

Schibsted IT needed a new generation server load balancer to support high-volume traffic, with a scalable platform and advanced software features


Oslo-based Schibsted IT, formerly known as Media Norge IT, has approximately 60 employees dedicated to providing IT services to a number of Schibsted Media subsidiaries. Schibsted Media Group is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (SCH) and has operations in 25 countries, with services in the fields of newspaper, television, film, publishing, multimedia and mobile solutions. Schibsted owns many major newspapers and dailies in Norway and Sweden, such as VG, Aftenposten, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet. 

Schibsted is ranked third in online classified business worldwide, just behind eBay and Craigslist. Revenues from its classified business increased to $245 million during the first six months of 2010.

Simplex Inc., a Japanese IT consulting firm specializing in financial systems, needed a high-performing and reliable Server Load Balancer (SLB) with dedicated SSL hardware acceleration and the ability to provide millisecond response time


Simplex Inc. provides IT support to financial institutions' front office operations. This includes a variety of services ranging from dealing systems for institutional investors to Internet trading systems for individual investors. Of particular note, they have garnered an overwhelming market share in terms of cloud services for financial trading systems, exemplified by foreign exchange (FX) margin transactions. Simplex Consulting chose A10 Networks' AX Series as their cloud service platform for financial institutions that require peak performance and stability... implemented the A10 ADC for their Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) needs


Tweakers' network consists of two geographically redundant sites, each housing a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack and connected to a different ISP. To increase performance, availability and scalability for its high traffic network, Tweakers looked for server load balancers with the highest quality, including specific functionality to implement redundancy between the two locations. Tweakers selected A10 ADCs due to the breadth of features and advanced carrier-grade hardware A10 offered for reliability versus the other solutions. 

Yahoo Japan Corporation chose AX Series to strengthen the network infrastructure of Yahoo Japan services


Yahoo Japan Corporation was established in 1996 to provide information search services online. Based on its corporate philosophy of "Yahoo! JAPAN, for anything, anywhere", the corporation aims to provide a rich, convenient and valuable "Life Engine". A10 Networks' AX Series was chosen to strengthen the network infrastructure of Yahoo Japan services...

Managed Services

ShareCompany selects the A10 ADC for redundancy, high availability (HA) and price/performance


ShareCompany, based in the Netherlands, is a leading provider of managed solutions for banks, brokers and media. Servicing large companies such as ABN, AMRO, Rabobank, RTL, SNS Bank and more, ShareCompany's products include websites, streaming market data terminals and web services for various applications. ShareCompany has over one million online users a day, viewing content from its managed solutions. 

Due to increased demand by high-profile customers, ShareCompany needed to set up a second data center, and hired consulting firm and reseller partner Quanza Engineering to design the new network with requirements for high availability, performance and reliability. ShareCompany previously deployed F5 Networks' Big-IP load balancers in its old network; however, to meet the increased requirements for the second data center, Quanza recommended A10 ADCs new generation server load balancers for the company's application delivery needs. 

ShareCompany's new data center infrastructure includes servers running on Windows 2003 and 2008 platforms, with applications that handle, process and distribute financial market information with rates of up to 400,000 records per second, including XML feeds and many other sources. The information is stored in SQL and memory databases and streamed via web servers which host its customers' websites.


Casio Computer Co., Ltd. chose A10 Thunder ADC to handle both proxy and load-balancing functions for the Asian region, supporting the Google Apps for Work deployment for the Casio Group


The communication infrastructure for the 6,000 Casio Group employees in the Asian region sees continuous use of Gmail, Google Hangouts web conferencing application, and Google Drive-based sharing of videos and other large files. Following the deployment of A10 Thunder ADC, operations have stabilized with the load on proxies, previously close to 100%, now at a maximum of about 25%.

Hawkins load balances JD Edwards ERP software, Java application servers and Windows Terminal Services


Hawkins is a chemical manufacturing provider with 300 employees and 10 servers running enterprise software. After evaluating and researching solutions, Hawkins chose a pair of A10 ADC server load balancers and replaced the incumbent F5 BIG-IP...


Dainik Bhaskar deployed A10 ADCs to load balance web traffic and accelerate performance through RAM caching, compression and TCP multiplexing


Dainik Bhaskar, a leading Hindi-language daily newspaper, needed to scale its application infrastructure to handle surges in web traffic. Dainik Bhaskar deployed application deliver controllers (ADCs) from A10 Networks to load balance web traffic and accelerate performance through RAM caching, compression and TCP multiplexing. A10 ADCs perform periodic health checks and alert Dainik Bhaskar’s network administrators whenever a server fails. Overall, A10 ADCs improve application performance and reduce downtime, helping to ensure that Dainik Bhaskar’s news sites are always available and responsive.

Shanda Interactive Entertainment deploys application acceleration and aFleX scripting for MySQL and Linux servers


Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited (NasdaqGS: SNDA) is a leading interactive media entertainment company in China, offering a diverse portfolio of entertainment content including some of the most popular massively multi-player online roleplaying games (MMORPGs), casual online games and a variety of cartoons, literature and music. 

Jinjiang (, a subsidiary of Shanda, is the largest and most popular female creative writing web site in China. The users who regularly visit the site to research the original essays generate more than 50 million page views daily from 500,000 independent viewers that typically average up to 49 minutes per session on the site. This volume is increasing rapidly with traffic having increased over 300% since the end of 2007, so scaling growth is paramount to success. 

Jinjiang's network includes a 100% BSD/Linux server infrastructure running eCommerce web applications with MySQL databases on the backend to handle the current load of over 100,000 creative writing purchase transactions daily. Previously, an open source load balancing product called HAProxy was in place, but this was not enough to meet the performance requirements. To handle the rapidly growing Internet traffic and eCommerce transactions, Shanda required a high-performance platform for its web servers to better manage the load. The company considered solutions from F5 and Citrix NetScaler, but after rigorous technical testing made the decision to purchase A10 ADCs.

Retail selected A10 ADCs for its network infrastructure upgrade


Online retail is a highly competitive business; with a reliable online customer experience, growing companies such as can strive to hit higher conversion rates as well as a growing loyal customer base. Since deploying A10 ADCs, has continued to grow and gain recognition as one of the most popular online retail sites. A10 ADCs offer the competitive advantage that was looking for to restructure an advanced load balancing solution for its planned advanced hardware-based integration. 

The features A10 ADCs provide are especially ideal for's focus on a premium customer experience; A10 ADCs have proven capable of handling peak traffic times such as holiday shopping, the back-to-school rush and peaks in traffic due to special sale offers and promotions. The reliable and feature rich offering provided by A10 ADCs allow growing companies such as to focus on the customer without the need to worry about the load balancing side of the customer's online experience.

Abans PLC maximizes the uptime and performance of its VDI infrastructure with A10 ADC solution


With the continuous growth and expansion of Abans' network of stores, the existing system
for providing line-of-business (LOB) applications based on a distributed database architecture
was turning into an administrative burden, and Abans realized that the company needed to
shift to a more manageable and scalable approach.

BizRate and Shopzilla achieve initiatives for data center consolidation and low latency

Overview and, typically serve 50,000 to 70,000 concurrent users at any given time. 

Predicted traffic growth signaled a need for additional load balancer capacity, so Shopzilla required an alternative to the installed Juniper DXs, which had reached end of life. A10 ADC server load balancers were selected as they addressed both the low latency and high simultaneous connection requirements...

Rakuten reduced equipment and power consumption to a third of previous levels with AX Series


Rakuten, Inc. launched its "Rakuten Ichiba (market)" as a pioneering online shopping mall in 1997 based on a strong commitment to "enable people with business acumen to readily open a shop." Rakuten operates an Internet shopping mall that hosts over 39,000 stores. Throughout the site, over 90 million products are offered, the membership has already topped 76 million, and these numbers have led to 13 billion yen in total distribution value (all statistics as of March 2012). Fifteen years after launching its site, a wide variety of services, such as travel, portal, and finance are now provided centered on electronic commerce (EC), and this has developed into a one-stop system offering the many necessities of our modern-day lives. 

Rakuten adopted A10 Networks' AX Series, and reinforced its network infrastructure to better cope with the increased number of users and diversified services... achieves Layer 4-7 load balancer consolidation across data centers and content delivery networks


Server Load Balancing is the key solution in Taobao's data center and CDN sites to achieve network stability, scalability and reliability. With nearly 100 million registered users and growing, data center traffic can be taxing on the network and application servers. To better handle traffic surges and volume growth, and to ensure that the site is always available for users, Taobao began researching new load balancing options. They needed a solution that not only can handle the rapidly increasing load on Layer 4 services in the data center, but also can provide better Layer 7 performance to accommodate the demands on the CDN and its nodes. 

In Taobao's previous data center deployment, the old systems could not provide the required high performance at Layer 7, and were aging and unstable. After evaluating A10 ADCs and as well as newer models from incumbent vendors, the IT team concluded the A10 ADCs' Layer 4-7 performance was much higher than the other vendors', enough to meet Taobao's network needs, and decided to make the transition to the A10 ADC.

USA 800 scales application delivery for call center eCRM platform


USA 800 has three sites, each of which are contact centers for multiple partners, whereby applications are served from two data centers. Predicting record traffic for the 2008 holiday shopping season, USA 800 required a new high-performance server load balancer platform. 

After researching multiple load balancing solutions such as F5's BIG-IP, USA 800 chose A10 ADCs and deployed them near the end of October 2008, less than 30 days before the 2008 holiday shopping season. For USA 800, online customer traffic generated between the third week in November and the Christmas holiday every year contributes to a critically significant portion of annual revenue, so stability, redundancy and failover features were essential. Upon deployment, the A10 ADCs managed capacity flawlessly, and aided USA 800 in experiencing the most successful holiday season in its history...

Wesfarmers Limited deploys vThunder ADC to increase availability and security of Microsoft Exchange


Wesfarmers is a diverse Australian company whose holding company chose A10 Networks® vThunder® ADC virtual appliance for its cost-effectiveness and performance. Replacing an aging Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 solution, vThunder ADC has accelerated performance while improving availability and security, and future-proofing the company’s environment.

Service Providers

Cable Net Suzuka deploys A10 CGN solution to support a wide range of applications through efficient use of IPv4 addresses


When Cable Net Suzuka decided to meet the demand for faster networks with a shift to an optical fiber infrastructure, the shortage of new IPv4 addresses suddenly became an issue. After industry comparisons, A10 Networks’ CGN solution was selected because of its ability to aggregate as many customers as possible to the minimum number of IPv4 addresses. A10 CGN also provides high throughput potential designed to cope with increased traffic, delivers high performance, and has excellent support for applications that are difficult to convert to Network Address Translation (NAT), such as SIP and online games.

Cyso uses A10 ADC to reduce the impact on support, simplify operations and overhead costs


Cyso, founded in 1997 and based in Alkmaar in the Netherlands, is a well-established reputable Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Managed Hosting Provider delivering Engineering Data Management (EDM) and Application Integration solutions. Dedicated to providing its customers with innovative business Internet solutions, Cyso focuses on high performance, security and proven stability for its clients. Over the past 15 years, Cyso has provided fully managed Internet services to industries such as manufacturing, government, healthcare, energy, and telecommunications. Spanning over 50 countries worldwide, Cyso has a rapidly growing client base, serving websites and applications around the globe. 

After evaluating its options, it was clear to Cyso that A10 Networks was able to support the advanced requirements of all its enterprise services with its Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). A10's no-licensing model is a differentiator in the industry, and F5, the only other competitor to A10 when Cyso was reviewing new vendors, could not match A10's comprehensive no-licensing commitment or virtualization functionality...

Jaguar Network uses A10 ADC to increase concurrent sessions and ensure the highest application availability


Jaguar Network is a leading business ISP and web-hosting provider that was founded in 2001. The company, which has been growing by leaps and bounds, has more than 28 data centers, 450 equipment bays, and 8,000 servers delivering advanced telecommunications services to more than 500 customers all across Europe. 

As the company's offerings have expanded, its network has become more sophisticated, and its Cisco CSM load balancers are no longer adequate, as demonstrated by intolerable latency and support for just 1 million concurrent connections. For the Content Delivery Network that the Cisco devices front-ended, this was an unacceptable solution. 

To address these shortcomings, Jaguar evaluated the latest Cisco ACE product line, along with competing solutions from Brocade and A10 Networks - running in Direct Server Return (DSR) mode. The evaluations showed that the A10 ADCs' DSR results were far superior to the competition. The A10 ADC appliances were the only 64-bit system evaluated, offering scalability starting at 32 million concurrent sessions in the entry level platform, versus the 1 million sessions provided by the existing Cisco CSM equipment...

LeaseWeb improved security, performance and reliability with A10 ADCs


LeaseWeb is a growing provider of hosted infrastructure solutions, which include a portfolio that spans from traditional dedicated server hosting to cloud and colocation solutions, or hybrid solutions. As a prominent subsidiary of Ocom Group, LeaseWeb has been offering world class hosting solutions that support mission critical websites, Internet applications, email servers, security and storage services since 1997. 

To meet their customers' needs, LeaseWeb demanded a stable and high performance advanced Server Load Balancing (SLB) solution that included a comprehensive range of innovative features, with no licensing fees...

NTT Plala required a IPv6 solution to support its growing 2 million subscribers of Hikari-TV, its video distribution service


NTT Plala has been providing IPv6-based commercial services since 2004. A10 Networks has been developing IPv6 solutions since the company's inception. NTT Plala's Mr. Tomonobu Akimoto and Mr. Ken Taniuchi, who have first-hand experience of the service business, talk to A10 Networks' Satoshi Tenda about the past, present and future of IPv6 from the viewpoint of a service builder and provider...

Nxs Internet needed an advanced Application Delivery Controller (ADC) to improve and develop value added services for its customers


Nxs Internet is a successful, fast growing Internet Service Provider with three data centers in Amsterdam, one primary data center, one disaster recovery location and the third location for data backup storage. With 35 employees, Nxs Internet provides virtual, co-located and managed hosting, domain registration as well as rack space for over 500 customers ranging from retail, government and IT. Nxs Internet is known for the quality and reliability of its services, facilitating the online success of its customers. 

Besides continuously improving the business critical hosting services and developing complimentary services for customers, Nxs Internet also invests in a sustainable future, using green energy in its data centers, investments in low energy cooling solutions and long-term investing in its own forest to compensate its CO2-emissions...

Servers Australia deploys the A10 ADC as a highly-flexible, high-performance solution with its multi-tenancy capabilities, highly available load balancing, usability advantages and SSL offloading features


Servers Australia is a well-established, Australian owned enterprise with a reputation for being a premium provider. Servers Australia is driven by a passion to provide superior customer service and support. Servers Australia is well acquainted with the latest cutting edge technology and is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible solutions to deliver results that are flexible, convenient and cost effective.

SKYCable was in need of a solution to extend IPv4-based connectivity, in addition to a need to address increased loads on DNS and Caching Servers


A10 was selected, the AX Series has enabled SKYCable to keep ahead of the competition in providing the best ISP experience in the Philippines.

SkyMesh deployed the A10 CGN to solve its IPv4 preservation issues which were unable to meet increased traffic volumes


SkyMesh faces a challenge common to ISPs these days - needing to conserve their limited IPv4 address space allocation, as the transition to IPv6 is dragging on - and is leveraging their IPv4 allocation with Large Scale NAT (LSN), also known as Carrier Grade NAT (CGN). 

SkyMesh's existing routing and switching used industry standard equipment from Cisco to support 8,000 NBN satellite users, 20,000 IPSTAR satellite users and 1,500 NBN fibre/wireless users, but the existing equipment was failing to meet the workload required of it. It was hitting 100% CPU at 130,000 sessions, resulting in dropped packets, and they quickly needed to improve the performance. SkyMesh's first step was to try a replacement Cisco unit, an ASR1002, but it failed to cope with the net load in testing. SkyMesh considered solutions from Brocade, Cisco and A10, but it was A10 Networks that stood out as the most attractive, with its all-inclusive licensing model, which does not require the purchase of additional licenses to realize the full capacity of the unit. SkyMesh estimated that they would have needed six or eight Cisco ASR 1002 units to do the same job as the A10 CGN, which would not be at all cost effective.

Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd. provides Wi-Fi service with CGN


Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd. (Wi2) used to provide services by assigning public IPv4 addresses to client devices connecting to them. However, as available IPv4 addresses were being exhausted, and the number of connecting devices was expected to increase rapidly, the effective utilization and preservation of IPv4 addresses suddenly became imperative. 

In order to resolve this challenge, Wi2 focused on CGN (Carrier Grade NAT, also known as LSN, Large Scale NAT) to expand the available capacity of each IPv4 address. A10 CGN's NAT configuration enables the use of private IPv4 addresses for connecting devices, and increases the efficiency of the device capacity per public IPv4 address...


Capgemini solved multi-tenancy, load balancing and virtual context problems with Thunder Series from A10 Networks


Capgemini The Netherlands is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology, outsourcing services and local professional services, operating in over 40 countries. Capgemini chose the A10 Thunder™ Series because of the large number of configurable Layer 3 Virtualization (L3V) partitions, making it very suitable for multi-tenancy. In addition, A10 Networks' positive reputation with virtual applications and load balancing, as well as price and performance, made A10 the vendor of choice...

Fujitsu Asia selects A10 Thunder ADC to provide high-performance load-balancing service


To support the overseas expansion of Japanese companies from an IT infrastructure perspective, the Fujitsu Group has deployed data centers all around the world. Among them is Fujitsu Asia, established in Singapore as the headquarters of the fast-growing ASEAN region. A10 Networks Thunder ADC was the best choice to fulfill the array of features needed to support Fujitsu’s infrastructure, from its load balancing to security features and aFleX-based traffic control.

MKI Verification Lab deploys Thunder ADC to support Japanese companies' expansion in Asia


Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. (MKI), Japan, has adopted the A10 Networks® Thunder® ADC as the application delivery controller (ADC) for the networks of their new verification laboratories in Vietnam....


Deutsche Telekom partners with A10 to deliver Network Function Virtualization (NFV) using aCloud Services Architecture


Deutsche Telekom is piloting TeraStream, an all-IP network that delivers triple-play and other services from the cloud, as a model for next-generation operator networks. TeraStream also is a proving ground for software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), as Deutsche Telekom looks to automate and orchestrate cloud services to launch new revenue-generating services and adapt to customer needs more quickly. 

Deutsche Telekom has partnered with A10 Networks to develop a carrier-grade, IPv4- over-IPv6 Softwire solution as a virtualized network function, enabling Deutsche Telekom to differentiate and scale cloud services. A10 Networks' software-based and API-driven architecture, commitment to open standards like OpenStack, and a willingness to create innovative solutions were key to helping Deutsche Telekom develop what is widely regarded as one of the most innovative service provider networks today...

KDDI leans on A10 vThunder line of virtual appliances as an application delivery controller (ADC) to provide load-balancing and security functionalities to its customers


KDDI leans on A10 vThunder line of virtual appliances as an application delivery controller (ADC) to provide load-balancing and security functionalities to its customers

RedLink Communications bought A10 CGN for high-performance, highly transparent address and protocol translation


RedLink Communications was established in 2008 and is one of the three Internet service providers (ISPs) in Myanmar delivering a full range of data communication services across an integrated network infrastructure jointly managed with Yatanarpon Teleport and under the supervision of Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications.

RedLink currently runs a high performance application networking platform that is used by 250 employees, as well as 10,000 customers. Recommended by corporate partners and vendors in the industry, RedLink selected a mid-range model from A10 Networks® CGN product line of Carrier Grade Networking gateways in the next stage of their network upgrade. A10 CGN appliances provide high-performance, highly transparent address and protocol translation that allows service providers to extend their IPv4 network connectivity and simultaneously make the transition to IPv6.

Sistema Shyam TeleServices’ MTS deployed A10 Thunder ADC to load balance multi-application servers and utilize L4-L7 load balancing, web acceleration via web caching, compression, connection reuse, and A10 aFleX Deep Packet Inspection Scripting Technology, access lists, session capturing and WAF…


Sistema Shyam TeleServices’ (SST) system structure and applications were vulnerable to attack, unable to accommodate growth, and slow. With A10 Networks® Thunder® ADC line of Application Delivery Controllers, application performance has increased by 25% and the response time has been reduced by another 33%. A10 Thunder ADC devices will support SST’s data center expansion requirements for the next 3-5 years without further investment.