Server Load Balancer and Application Delivery Controller

vThunder Virtualized Appliances

Gain flexible, easy-to-deploy and on-demand software-based appliances featuring advanced services for enterprises, Web giants or service providers. The virtualized version of the Thunder series of appliances, vThunder runs atop your choice of industry-leading hypervisors for maximum flexibility.

vThunder virtual appliances are available on AWS and Azure, with standard or pay-as-you-go licenses for DDoS protection, application delivery controllers (ADC) and carrier-grade networking (CGN) gateways.


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How it benefits your business

vThunder AWS Lower TCO


Decrease capital expenditure and reduce operational costs by deploying multiple vThunder virtual machines, with your independent applications, on the same server hardware.

vThunder AWS Lower TCO

Consolidate infrastructure

Combine multiple, independently configured partitions, including ADC and CGN license types, into one vThunder software instance via ADP multi-tenancy.

Achieve higher resiliency

Deploy faster

Leverage software images to immediately deploy to virtualized infrastructure for the fastest deployment-to-operation time. No hardware shipments required.

Key features

vThunder AWS Simple migration

Virtual load-balancing

Implement virtual L4-L7 application delivery controller (ADC) services, including security and server-load balancing, via vThunder ADC.

ADC feature sets

IPv4 & IPv6

Gain virtual IPv4 address-scaling and transition to IPv6 topologies with carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT) on vThunder CGN.

SMB scale

Access all functions

Use all virtual ADC or CGN features out of the box without additional license requirements or upgrades.

high-performance ADC processing

Elite throughput

Virtual ADC and CGN appliances are licensed by bandwidth up to 20 Gbps on commodity hardware, or up to 160 Gbps by clustering instances together with aVCS.

 Flexible billing

Integrate flexibility

Implement high-density, multi-tenancy architecture for better flexibility in demanding environments, including cloud/IaaS vendors and service providers.

Cost effective DR

Automate resources

Automatically assign resources and adjust configurations to meet capacity demands, as needed, via repeatable deployment templates.

EC2 or VPC environments

API simplicity

Leverage aXAPI®, A10’s REST-based API, to integrate with hypervisor management tools for smarter day-to-day automation.

DDoS Protection

DDoS protection

Mitigate DDoS attacks up to 5 Gbps on Vmware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.



Addition of the A10 vThunder ADC as an option of the advanced functions has been helpful in obtaining new customers.


Yasuhiro Sato
Manager of Solution Business Planning Division

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