IPv4 exhaustion and IPv6 migration services

Thunder CGN:
High-Performance IPv4 Scaling and IPv6 Transition Technologies

Scale to solve IPv4 exhaustion and meet the growing demands of IoT and BYOD business requirements. The Thunder CGN line of Carrier Grade Networking gateways preserves your IPv4 addresses and provides a seamless migration to IPv6 networks with the lowest TCO.


Thunder CGN Product Datasheet

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How it benefits your business

Extend IPv4 connectivity and migrate to IPv6

Extend IPv4 connectivity and migrate to IPv6

Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) extends the service life of an IPv4 infrastructure, allows time to plan for an IPv6 transition and ultimately reduces cost by avoiding the disruptions to business operations.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)  protection

Integrated DDoS protection

Comes standard with integrated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection of IP address pools to effectively eliminate targeted attacks and ensure maximum service uptime.

Carrier Grade Networking gateways reduce infrastructure cost

Reduce infrastructure cost

With industry leading performance and session scalability, A10 Thunder CGN gateways deliver unparalleled value to improve the bottom line – up to 60% savings in four years.

Key features

Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT)

Advanced CGNAT functions

Standards-based CGNAT with industry leading performance and session scalability.

Advanced logging features

Advanced logging features

Comprehensive logging options to meet stringent compliance requirements.

IPv6 client access to IPv4 content

IPv6 client access
to IPv4 content

Comes standard with NAT64/DNS64 that enables IPv6 devices to access IPv4 content.

IPv4 or IPv6 tunneling options

Prevalent protocol connectivity

IPv4 or IPv6 tunneling options for seamless connectivity between either protocol (6rd, DS-Lite, Lw4o6, MAP-T).

Application layer gateways (ALGs)

Application layer 
gateways (ALGs)

Compatibility with advanced IP protocols (PPTP, SIP, MGCP, DNS,H.323, RTSP, etc.).

Uninterrupted user experience

Stateful synchronization 
(hitless failover)

In the event of a failover, ensure an uninterrupted user experience by maintaining session state.

Flexible traffic acceleration (FTA)

Industry leading
performance per RU

Breakthrough performance with flexible traffic acceleration (FTA) hardware and high-speed memory lookup (SPE models).

Network Functions Virtualizations (NFV)

Network Functions Virtualizations (NFV) ready

Deploy vThunder CGN as a flexible virtual network function (VNF) in a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).



We selected A10 Networks as it delivers the most capable solution. We look forward to a successful partnership with A10 to deliver powerful, carrier class IPv4/IPv6 solutions to help our global customers preserve investments while providing a clear path to IPv6, efficiently and affordably.

Melih Tufan
Head of Product Line Packet Networks

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