Visibility in Encrypted Traffic with SSL Insight

Thunder SSLi:
High-Performance Visibility in SSL Encrypted Traffic

SSL encrypted traffic is growing, rendering most security devices ineffective.
Gain visibility into encrypted traffic with SSL Insight and stop potential threats.


Thunder SSLi Product Datasheet

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How it benefits your business

Decrypt SSL and SSL Inspection

Decrypt SSL once, inspect multiple times

Best-in-class SSL decryption eliminates the blind spot in corporate defenses by enabling third-party security devices to inspect encrypted traffic.

Dynamic Web category classification

See more with dynamic Web category classification

A cloud-based self-learning network that can classify over 13 billion URLs and 460 million domain names for superior visibility.

Offloads SSL decryption, URL filtering and ICAP integration from perimeter security

Get better value from your security infrastructure

The high-performance Thunder SSLi platform offloads burdensome tasks such as SSL decryption, URL filtering and ICAP integration from perimeter security.

Key features

SSL inspection: ECDHE with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)

Flexible, high-performance visibility

Comprehensive SSL inspection using multiple ciphers, including ECDHE with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), with up to 40 Gbps of SSL inspection throughput, while offering the flexibility to deploy in either transparent or explicit proxy modes.

Application Delivery Partition (ADP)

Application delivery partitions

Support for multiple virtual partitions using A10’s Application Delivery Partition (ADP) technology lets you deploy a single appliance for both SSL decryption and encryption to inspect and secure web traffic.

Dynamic URL classification

URL category bypass

Dynamic URL classification lets you define policies allowing specific traffic streams to bypass decryption to meet distinct data privacy and compliance requirements (HIPAA, PCI, etc.).

URL filtering

URL filtering

Deny access to specific URL categories and respond with custom messages.

Firewall load balancing

Firewall load balancing

Advanced server load balancing of decrypted traffic to external security devices delivers expanded visibility. Offloading SSL encryption and decryption improves security infrastructure performance.

Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP)

Reduced load on security infrastructure

Leveraging the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) allows you to set fine-grained policies to selectively redirect traffic to security devices and service chains based on application type.


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