How to protect against multi-vector DDoS attacks

Thunder TPS:
DDoS Protection

The Thunder TPS product line is a family of high-performance solutions that detect and mitigate multi-vector DDoS attacks at the network edge, functioning as a first line of defense for your network infrastructure.


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How it benefits your business

Application layer multi-vector DDoS attack

Protect against full attack spectrum

DDoS attacks are constantly evolving and attackers keep adapting attack strategies. Simultaneous infrastructure and application layer multi-vector DDoS attacks expose the weakest link in your network.

Offloads common attack vectors

Prepare for growing attack scale and complexity

The multi-tiered architecture offloads common attack vectors to specialized hardware, offloading the CPUs to focus on complex application layer attacks. Thunder TPS is proven to scale in the most demanding environments.

Enforce protection policies

Customize and integrate

Thunder TPS provides full control to enforce protection policies that work for your specific services. Leveraging open standards and an open API allows Thunder TPS to integrate in any network environment.




Leverage the A10 Networks DDoS Security Incident Response Team (DSIRT) to support your organization in the event of a DDoS attack.


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Key features

Multi-vector DDoS attack protection

Multi-vector DDoS attack protection

Protect against simultaneous attacks vectors from L3-L7.

Protect against the largest attacks


Stand ready to protect the largest networks against the largest attacks.

Integrate third-party security solutions

Easy network integration

Deploy in any topology and integrate with third-party security solutions.

Traffic baselining

Traffic baselining

Learn traffic patterns to identify and act on anomalies.

Programmatic policy engine

Programmatic policy engine

Fully customize granular protection policies.

Granular traffic control

Granular traffic control

Protect your services by limiting access rates against malicious surges.

Threat Intelligence Service

Threat Intelligence Service

Immediately stop traffic from known bad actors on the Internet.


Cloud-based volumetric attack protection

Cloud-based volumetric attack protection

Hybrid solution escalates volumetric attacks to Verisign’s high capacity network.



Customers trust C4L to protect them from the crippling effects of a vast array of escalating multi-vector DDoS attacks on a daily basis. Thunder TPS 3.2 greatly expands our effectiveness through the surgical nature of the countermeasures, the comprehensive baselining, anomaly detection capabilities, and detailed monitoring.

Gary Barter
Head of Marketing

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