Thunder Convergent Firewall

A convergent firewall that empowers enterprises and service providers to streamline their networks by consolidating security and application networking into a single, high-performance solution. Thunder CFW combines a Secure Web Gateway, Data Center Firewall, Gi/SGi Firewall and IPsec VPN together and leverages the ACOS Harmony platform to deliver outstanding performance.

Secure Web Gateway Data Center Firewall Gi/SGi Firewall IPSEC Site-to-site VPN Cloud-ready platform chosen by thousands of enterprises and service providers


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Thunder Convergent Firewall's
Gi/SGi Firewall
How It Benefits Your Business

DDoS Mitigation and protection

Safeguard mobile infrastructure from network and DDoS attacks

A stateful firewall protects subscribers and shields LTE services from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and data tampering.

Carrier Grade NAT for IPv4 preservation & IPv6 transition

Extend the life of IPv4 networks 

Integrated Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) offers IPv4 preservation and IPv6 transition technologies to address the shortage of IPv4 addresses and smooth the transition to IPv6. 

Mobile carriers to achieve high firewall connection rates and throughput

Satisfy massive performance and scale requirements

Thunder CFW Gi/SGi Firewall enables mobile carriers to achieve exceptionally high firewall connection rates and throughput.

Key features

Stateful layer 4 network firewall

Stateful layer 4 network firewall

Protect control-plane and data-plane communications in your mobile network with a high-performance scalable stateful firewall.

Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT)

Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT)

Scale your IPv4 networks with the most transparent NAT available and allow external users to initiate connections to NAT clients.

IPv6 transition

IPv6 transition

Seamlessly migrate to IPv6 and support hybrid IPv4 and IPv6 networks by translating between the two technologies.

DDoS protection for NAT pools

DDoS protection for NAT pools

Protect revenue-generating infrastructure and mobile subscribers from destructive DDoS attacks.

IP anomaly detection

IP anomaly detection

Check for over 30 IP packet anomalies or combine anomaly detections with IP black lists for granular attack mitigation.

Detect and block attack traffic

Connection rate limiting

Detect and block attack traffic using IP-based connection rate limiting and system-wide connection limits.

Application Level Gateways support

ALG support

Manage and block protocols that use dynamic ports with Application Level Gateways (ALGs).

IPsec VPN in mobile networks

IPsec VPN in mobile networks

Prevent eavesdropping, authenticate eNodeBs, and secure communications over wireless and WiFi networks.

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Thunder CFW High-Performance Versatile Firewall


Thunder CFW is a logical extension of A10’s security strategy," said Brad Casemore, Research Director, Datacenter Networks, at IDC. "It takes A10’s SSL Insight into new realms, allowing customers to increase employee productivity and reduce risk with URL filtering and threat intelligence. It should draw consideration from a wide range of A10 customers, including service providers, cloud providers, and large enterprises.

Brad Casemore
Research Director, Datacenter Networks

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