Threat Intelligence Service

The A10 Threat Intelligence Service provides customers an actionable list of known bad actors on the Internet. A10's application networking and security solutions benefit from these lists, by blocking traffic from and to these bad destinations without the need to involve validation techniques. This offloads the platform's CPUs and increases security efficacy.


How it benefits your business

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Identifies bad actors and bans them from your network

An astounding number of threat intelligence sources are analyzed to maintain a current list of bad actors on the Internet, in various categories. Customize your areas of interest on the Threat Intelligence Portal and keep your local defense policies current.

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Expands protection and efficacy

Threat categories expand beyond DDoS botnets; for example, scanners, spammers and bots used for click fraud are identified. Prevent compromised devices inside your network from communicating with command and control servers outside.

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Increases appliance capacity

Thunder ADC and Thunder TPS resources are offloaded when traffic from identified bad sources is blocked. There is no need to invoke botnet validation features for sources already marked bad. Bad sources are included when there is a high certainty, so no arbitrary reputation scores are involved.

Key features

Threat intelligence sources maintain a list of bad actors title=

Easy to manage Threat Intelligence Portal

Use recommended list of categories, or customize to areas of interest only.

Scanners, spammers and bots used for click fraud are identified

Threat Intelligence Proxy

Synchronize updates from the Threat Intelligence Cloud to a proxy host in your DMZ.

No need to invoke botnet validation

Simple and effective

Immediately block traffic from IP addresses that are evidently bad without the need for confusing reputation scores.


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