A10 Lightning Application Delivery System (LADS)

A10 Lightning ADS
Application Traffic Management, Security and Analytics
in Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds

A cloud-native, software-defined solution that provides integrated advanced load-balancing, performance optimization, application security and per-application analytics to increase operational agility and application performance.


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How it benefits your business

Scale to meet app demands

Scale to meet app demands

Increase application availability and operational efficiency with advanced elastic load-balancing and application security that auto-scales with demand.

Per-Application Analytics

Operate smarter with unique app data

Use per-application analytics to proactively identify issues, streamline troubleshooting and effectively meet capacity requirements to deliver superior user experiences.


Increase agility with multi-cloud initiatives

Achieve deployment flexibility with the ability to seamlessly manage and maintain workloads residing in private, public or hybrid cloud environments.

Key features

Application Traffic Management

Dynamic application traffic management

Harness the power of advanced elastic load-balancing and optimized traffic-engineering to maximize availability and scale your applications.


Application Security

Application security and malware protection

Defend against application-level attacks with integrated WAFs, multi-vector DDoS detection and mitigation, and malware protection.


Per Application Analytics

Per-application analytics

Use powerful analytics of real-time application data and historical baselining to enhance application responsiveness, troubleshoot issues, detect anomalies and optimize resources.


Application Acceleration

Accelerate your apps

Provide fast and responsive service with built-in compression, caching and HTTP2 support.



Integrate with your existing DevOps tool chains and gain 100 percent programmatic access to all functionality.

Blue-Green Deployments

Blue-green deployments

Gain side-by-side performance analysis, steer production traffic to new deployments and generate before-and-after analytics to build best practices.

Multi-tenant Central Management

Centralized multi-tenant management

Empower tenant teams with self-service agility via an easy-to-use, role-based portal to manage policies and access app analytics.

SaaS Controller

SaaS controller

Reduce operational burdens and expenses with a SaaS-based controller hosted and managed by A10.


Money Intel

Money Intel uses technology and automation to offer simple, hassle- free, and inexpensive 401(k) plans. To continue scaling our online presence, we wanted to enhance our application delivery solution and chose A10 Lightning Application Delivery System (ADS) as a solution that is reliable, high-performing, secure, and aligned with our business interests.

Monte Malhotra
Founder & CEO

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